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the robot that can conduct a funeral: japanese firm reveals humanoid bot programmed to perform buddhist rites

by:YESHINE     2020-06-09
A Japanese company has introduced a new role for SoftBank\'s humanoid robot \"Pepper --
Buddhist priest hired at the funeral
The robot used a computer sound to read the scriptures while knocking on the drum, which was displayed at the funeral industry Expo on Wednesday --
End of Life industry expo-in Tokyo. Nissei Eco Co.
An unlisted plastic molding manufacturer has written the chanting Sutra software for the \"pepper\" launched by SoftBank Group. in 2014.
Scroll down to watch the video.
With the aging and shrinking population of Japan, many Buddhist priests have received less and less financial support from their communities, prompting some to find a part --
Ino Inamura, an executive consultant at Nissin, said time worked outside of temple duties.
He says funeral robots can step in when the priest is away.
At 50,000 yen (about $450)
More than 240,000 yen per funeral ($2,200)
A human priest.
Tetsugi Matsuo, a Buddhist priest, said he came to the Expo to see if Pepper could pass on the \"heart\" aspect to the machine because I believe the \"heart\" is
He has not been hired to attend the funeral.
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