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Why abs sheet for luggage making machine operation

Why abs sheet for luggage making machine operation


Luggage making 

Luggage has been a must for us to travel, it brings people a lot of convenience. But if we don't get a good one with abs sheet processed by fine luggage making machine, say abs extruded sheet machine, we may bump into some trouble during travel. 

In this article, as a professional luggage making machine manufacturer, Wenzhou Yeshine Machinery Co.,Ltd. is going to talk about why abs sheet should be a necessity for luggage manufacturing.

ABS extruded sheet for luggage production:

Pros: hard, high density, low price, light weight, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, tenacity and impact resistance, etc., with the most outstanding impact resistance performance, high toughness, ABS sheet luggage can withstand the extrusion, collision, even trampling in transportation.

In the process of carrying and transportation, the most important points to pay attention to are "weight" and "impact resistance" of luggage. No one wants to travel with a heavy box. The box made of ABS material is characterized by "light"!

The impact resistance of ABS is 40% higher, and the sag of ABS box can gradually bounce back to be the prototype after receiving impact, so a better rigid travel box is made of pure ABS sheet material processed by luggage making machine or plastic sheet extruder machines.

With the improvement of our living standards, we have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. The advantages of ABS rod box are obvious. Therefore, most people are willing to choose more cost-effective and more fashionable appearance.

More info about luggage making, welcome to contact Yeshine luggage making machine factory.

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