One Stop Solution Service Provider For Whole Line Luggage Making Machinery


1. Customized Design Vacuum Forming Machine

Contact us for any other Plastic Products Forming!!

Yeshine Machinery can custom-made design Vacuum Forming Machine in One or Two beds, Auto or Semi-auto Type with different sizes.

It can be widely used for Luggage Bag, Refrigerator Inner, Safety Helmet, Lampshade,Bathtub, Car parts etc.

Please share with us your project, let me design machine for you before making production.

2. Customized Design Aluminum Mould

Yeshine Machinery can custom-made design Various kinds of Aluminum moulds for Forming Machine production.

Such as Luggage Bag, Refrigerator Inner, Safety Helmet, Lampshade, Car Parts mould etc.


How to make OEM products.

1.Please share with us all detailed picture of your products. If can send us sample, it would be best.

2.We will make the 3D drawing for your confirmation within 1-2days until customs confirm.

3.Once all details are confirmed without any problem, we will make production for you.


Welcome for any OEM designs & sending us your detailed pictures.

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