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YESHINE Canton Fair has been successfully completed form1st to 5th May

YESHINE Canton Fair has been successfully completed form1st to 5th May


Thank you to all YESHINE friends and customers for visiting and consulting our Canton Fair! YESHINE exhibition has been successfully completed form1st to 5th May. Thanks for all meeting yesterday,it is so busy.   Our booth no is hall17.2J10

On May 5, the 135th Canton Fair came to an end. According to data from the Canton Fair Organizing Committee, as of May 4, a total of 246,000 overseas purchasers from 215 countries and regions had participated in the fair offline, an increase of 24.5% over the previous session. The number of overseas purchasers attending the fair reached a record high; online The offline export transaction amounted to US$24.7 billion, an increase of 10.7% over the previous session; the online platform transactions became increasingly active, with the export transaction amounting to US$3.03 billion, an increase of 33.1% over the previous session.

According to reports, at this year's Canton Fair, new products, new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new ideas emerged in an endless stream. High-end, intelligent, green, and low-carbon products emerged, which were popular and favored by the international market, demonstrating the "Intelligent Made in China" The hard power has injected new vitality into the development of foreign trade.

Based on innovation and quality

On May 1, the third phase of the 135th Canton Fair opened. With the theme of "Better Life", this phase showcased toys, textiles and other categories of products to help improve people's quality of life and better life experience.

From OEM production to the creation of its own brands, China's footwear industry is like a "trendsetter" in the new era as China's light industry accelerates its transformation and upgrading. In the third phase of this Canton Fair, Chinese shoe companies brought many new products and conveyed their new thinking on shoe art.

"Currently, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the comfort of shoes. The new product series launched by the company takes 'equal emphasis on comfort and fashion' as the core concept, cleverly combines ergonomics and fashion trends, and uses environmentally friendly materials to make casual shoes New shoe products and business shoe series incorporating the latest technological elements are welcomed by buyers," the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Lornali Trading Co., Ltd. told a reporter from Securities Daily.

"Innovation and quality are the foundation of enterprise development. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the innovation drive and continuously launch new products in line with market trends. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with business partners from various countries and further expand global business." The person in charge said.

At this Canton Fair, many exhibiting companies came with "green" to show global buyers the "green secrets" of Chinese products. The application of "green" elements in new products and new technologies has won more praise and recognition for exhibiting companies. Order.

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