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Development status of suitcase industry

Development status of suitcase industry


As a major luggage manufacturing country, China has formed a complete industrial chain including raw material manufacturers, luggage manufacturers and retail luggage brands. China's luggage exports and output rank first in the world, but China is still only a major manufacturing country, with more than 20,000 luggage manufacturers, but very few big brands. Combining its own manufacturing advantages to create its own luggage brand is the only way for Chinese luggage companies to further develop.

When the "tentacles" of fashion have extended to the suitcase market, for trendy people, suitcases are no longer just tools, but also a fashionable combination. Judging from the age distribution of fashionistas, the proportion of people born in the 1990s is significantly higher than that of other generations. It can be said that the fashion trends of the younger generation will become an important guiding trend in the suitcase industry. Terms such as IP, co-branded models, and brand crossover continue to be popular in the fashion industry, and this trend has gradually been brought into the suitcase industry. Judging from the growth rate of co-branded product consumption, co-branded suitcase products are in a period of accelerated development.

YESHINE Fully Automatic Highly Accurate Vacuum Forming Machine With Luggage Suitcase

Machine Feature:
Auto vacuum forming machine is workable for forming ABS.PC.PP.PS etc sheet.
It is specially used in Luggage Shell forming production, which is most efficiently and high output.
Upper-lower double heating with PLC control system. Machine size can be made as customer demand. 

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