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The development of the suitcase industry and the increase in tourist arrivals drive the growth in demand for suitcases in my country

The development of the suitcase industry and the increase in tourist arrivals drive the growth in demand for suitcases in my country


Luggage, also known as suitcase and trolley case. It is a box that is carried to place items when going out. It is one type of luggage. Suitcases are usually used to store clothing, personal care items and souvenirs needed for travel.

Suitcases belong to the luggage industry, so the development of the luggage industry also drives the development of the suitcase industry to a certain extent. Thanks to the increased demand for luggage brought by travel and business trips, suitcases have become a rapidly growing product in the luggage market in recent years.

China is the world’s largest luggage manufacturing country, with a low concentration of leaders and far from the era of stock competition. From the perspective of business model, the luggage industry is mainly divided into three categories: processing manufacturers OEM, professional manufacturers ODM, and brand operators. The Chinese market is mainly dominated by ODM/OEM, and China's luggage manufacturing output has accounted for more than 70% of the world's share. Luggage OEM manufacturing companies are generally small in scale and large in number. Market competition is fierce, independent research and development technology is weak, and differentiated competition has not yet formed.

As consumers' pursuit of quality of life improves, the luggage industry has broader development space, and customized, personalized and functional luggage will be the mainstream trend in the future. Scenario-based demand has promoted the development of subdivided categories in the luggage industry. The consumption scenarios of the luggage industry include not only travel, but also home luggage, computer luggage, and even the 2020 epidemic has given rise to the subcategory of anti-epidemic bags. The luggage market As scene demands gradually subdivide and change, it will become a consumer product with rigid growth. Young consumers pay more attention to the tonality and fashion of brands. Their pursuit of international brands has declined, and their acceptance of national fashion products has increased significantly. This change in consumption trends has brought development opportunities for domestic luggage products. It is expected that The local luggage market has great room for development.


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