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The recovery of the luggage industry

The recovery of the luggage industry


There's no doubt that luggage and other luggage categories had a tough time in retail in 2020.

At that time, due to the severe restrictions on travel and outdoor travel caused by the pandemic, many luggage and luggage brands faced a sharp decline in sales. In the first three months of the pandemic, luggage sales faced more than 80% depletion, according to a spring 2020 NPD report.

But now, as COVID-19 vaccination rates spread, more countries cancel cross-regional travel (long and short distances), and more consumers start to plan their holiday travel plans, bag brands are expected to get a significant boost in the second half of the year.

On the European side, European airlines saw a 412.3 percent increase in passenger traffic in May compared to May 2021. Capacity increased by 221.3%, load factor increased by 30.1%; North American airlines saw passenger traffic increase 203.4% in May. Capacity increased by 101.1%, load factor increased by 27.1%; Pacific Airlines passenger traffic increased 453.3 percent in May, significantly higher than 295.3 percent year-on-year growth in April; Middle Eastern airlines saw a 317.2% increase in passenger traffic; Latin American airlines saw passenger traffic increase 180.5% in May from the same month in 2021; African airlines recorded a 134.9 percent increase in RPK in May.

From the perspective of aviation data, the passenger volume, capacity and load factor of both domestic and foreign inter-provincial travel have been greatly improved. This also means that people will need more bags to travel.


YESHINE Hot sale wholesale price Automatic Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine

Airport luggage wrapping equipment is widely used not only to wrap the cargo but also to secure wrapped items from opening, pilferage, tampering, damage in transport, smuggling and theft of baggage or cargo. While theft will always be possible the damage to the wrapping layer will immediately put on alert transportation companies and airline personnel.

Especially baggage wrapping in airports, see-ports, bus, and train terminals add to security, removing possibility of placing in the packages any contraband, dangerous materials, drugs or explosive.

Stretch wrapping machines, using transparent stretch film allow easy verification of the content packaged on pallets and identification of baggage at the destination.

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