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Foreign companies will have a huge impact on the development of local companies

Foreign companies will have a huge impact on the development of local companies


The real best-selling domestic brands are some big international brands. First of all, their price profit has reached a very high level, which leads them to have a large market share. However, many domestic brands still stay at the price level and have a large market share, but the returns and benefits in exchange are very low, and the only way out is to win in terms of quantity.

Some mid-to-low-end brands that ordinary people can accept do not see long-term development potential in them. Due to the influence of brand positioning, personality and appeal, they can only be more important than some consumers and cannot last for a long time.

From the perspective of the current development prospects of the luggage industry in my country, there is still a very long way to go. Although we are the world's largest luggage manufacturer and exporter, it is true that the biggest and the strongest are the so-called essential differences. "It still takes effort to transform into a "manufacturing power".

No matter how the times develop, luggage is essential for people's needs. Only by readjusting the industry structure can my country usher in new opportunities for development. It is necessary to shift from the traditional labor-intensive production model to the technology development model, reshuffle the cards, and seize the opportunity for market industry adjustment. This is the path that should be chosen at present.


YESHINE High-Quality ABS PC Sheet Extruder Travel Lugagge Making Machine

        Process: Raw Material - Heating&drying - Co-extruder&shape - cooling&hauling -cutting-finished sheet

        Machine feature: ABS one-line sheet extruder machine is capable of producing ABS new or recycled material in single layer sheets. It is widely used in Luggage, Suitcase, Trolley bag, refrigerators, Air conditioning, and bathroom production. 

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