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luggage making machine industry

luggage making machine industry


luggage making machine

With the development of China's luggage manufacturing industry, the annual growth rate of China's luggage making machine industry has been around 30% in recent years, and the growth rate of profit margin is much higher than the growth of industrial output value. It is one of the fastest growing industries in China's machinery industry. At present, the luggage making machinery produced in China can meet the basic domestic needs, but compared with the world's advanced level, China's luggage production and processing machinery in terms of quality stability, degree of automation and other aspects still have a certain gap.                     

According to incomplete statistics, the output value of luggage machine industry in China is about 10 billion yuan in 2019, while the domestic market demand is about 20 billion yuan in the same period. There is still a lot of market space.


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Owe note

In luggage making production, the shape of the pieces is incomplete because the cavity is not filled.

Flash flash

The rest of the material that spills into the gaps between the closing surfaces of the mold and remains on the piece during the production of the luggage.

Weld mark

A linear trace on the surface of a plastic piece, by injection or extrusion in the flow of a number of streams in the desert, melt at the interface is not fully fused, each other can not melt as a whole, resulting in fusion imprinting, affecting the appearance of the plastic quality and mechanical properties.

Wave flow mark

Due to the improper flow of molten material in the mold cavity, resulting in the plastic surface of the ring shape, spiral shape or cloud shape wavy uneven defects.

The surface of the muddy

A crack or damage on the surface of a plastic piece. The phenomenon of external or internal cracks in the plastic pieces due to long or repeated application of stresses lower than the luggage making mechanical properties is called stress cracking. Due to the plastic under a certain temperature under the action of a constant load for a certain time, the phenomenon of a sudden complete fracture is called stress fracture; Thermal stress cracking occurs when some thermoplastic components are overexposed to high temperature.


The term "luggage" refers to visible cracks in the enhanced material one or more layers beyond that visible through the resin layer covering the surface.


A defect that causes the surface of the layered luggage to break and visibly separate.


The appearance of creases or wrinkles appearing on one or more layers of the plastic during the making of the pieces.

Crack an albino

Plastic surface produced more obvious micro crack called crack, and similar to the crack frost micro crack called albino, crack and albino are no cracks in the micro crack. Environmental stress cracking occurs when a plastic is exposed to a chemical environment or under stress conditions.

Silver silking

Plastic surface along the direction of the flow of material produced acicular silvery-white as frost fine lines.


A linear streak defect on the surface or inside of a plastic piece.


Dark spots of mica flake on the surface of plastic parts due to dispersion or poor mixing of pigment and other reasons.

Orange peel grain

An orange - peel - like appearance defect on the plastic surface.

Bubble hole stripe

In the word bubble luggage making, it refers to a layer of bubble holes that is very different from its inherent structure.

Black spots

In the luggage making process, the molten material overheats and dissolves under high temperature and pressure, resulting in black carbonization points on the plastic surface.

A white dot or bright spot

There are under-plasticized particles in the transparent or translucent luggage making film, sheet or piece. White particles can be seen when transmitted with light. These particles are called "fish eyes". If the material is opaque or colored, the speckle is called a white or bright spot.


A small regular or irregular sinkhole on the surface of a plastic piece, usually of approximately the same depth and width.

Packing spot

The presence of fillers such as wood powder or asbestos in a plastic piece.

Dark spots

A dark stain that appears on a fabric-based laminate structure.

Charred and blotchy

In the production process of luggage making, under high temperature and pressure forming condition, the molten material will be carbonized due to overheat decomposition. The carbonized coke will be mixed into the molten material, which will form blemish defects on the surface and inside of the plastic parts.

Air bubbles

In the filling process of luggage making, if there is a large amount of gas in the molten material or the air in the cavity is not completely removed, the plastic piece will be formed with small volume or series of pores.

Vacuum bubble or dark bubble

When the luggage making is cooled and cured, the outer surface is cooled and cured, but the inside is still in hot melt. Once the central part is cooled and contracted, there will be a vacuum hole inside the plastic piece. This kind of hole is commonly called vacuum bubble or dark bubble, also called shrinkage hole.


Luggage making a pin-size hole defect in the film or film.

Flat bubble

Bubble luggage making a local density defect resulting from the destruction of the bubble hole structure during the making process.

Sag and shrink

In the cooling process of luggage making, the surface layer cools and solidifies first and the inside or the thick part of the wall cools and solidifies later. As a result, the contraction speed of the inside and outside is inconsistent when the volume shrinks. Thus, the surface layer of plastic pieces is drawn by the inside and forms a depression, resulting in shallow pit or pit.


The development of the luggage making industry is dependent on the development of the luggage making materials industry.

The general trend of development of Chinese luggage making is toward? At the same time, it should meet the requirements of energy saving, material saving and high efficiency so as to meet the cost saving needs of luggage making raw materials and luggage making products processing enterprises.

In injection molding machine, injection molding technology has developed rapidly, new technology, new equipment emerge one after another. High computerization, automation, multi-function of single machine, diversification of auxiliary equipment, rapid combination and easy installation, maintenance and maintenance will become the trend. All-electric injection molding machine, oil-electric compound injection molding machine, gas-assisted and water-assisted injection molding technology, multi-layer injection molding technology is in the ascendant. Plastic injection molding luggage machines for preforms, optical discs, magnetic materials and special engineering luggage making thin-wall products will become increasingly important. There will also be greater demand for large and super-large plastic making to complement the development of automobile and other heavy industries.

Large size and precision are the key points of extrusion equipment development. For example, the large extrusion unit is one of the three key equipment for ethylene engineering, which has been dependent on import for a long time. In order to meet the development needs of petrochemical industry, the process of localization must be accelerated. The precision can improve the gold content of the product, such as the multilayer co-extrusion composite film, all require precision extruders.

It is a general trend to reduce the special parts of extruder and improve the modularization of equipment production. Modular production can not only shorten the r&d cycle of new products, but also facilitate the global procurement of each system module component of the molding equipment. This is very advantageous to guarantee the quality of the whole machine, reduce the cost and accelerate the capital turnover.

In the aspect of hollow blow molding equipment, it is urgent to improve the automation degree and stability of the equipment.

In a word, innovation and development are the only way to the development of China's luggage making industry. Only constant research and development, with independent intellectual property rights of the technology.

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