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The significance of luggage testing equipment in improving the quality of luggage

The significance of luggage testing equipment in improving the quality of luggage


Luggage inspection and testing machine helps improve luggage quality

As a type of product, luggage testing instruments are a small branch of the instrument family and a type of instrument that serves product quality standards in the papermaking and packaging industries. The production and development of such products depend on the development of relevant standards and serve the implementation of relevant standards.

The characteristics of this type of products are wide variety, small demand, high dependence on relevant standards, strong performance, high degree of electromechanical integration, high requirements for value accuracy, and high technical difficulty.

The multi-variety and small-batch production characteristics of luggage testing instruments have limited the overall development of the industry. Although there have been improvements in various aspects such as variety, specifications, output, and quality over the years, overall, compared with other industry products, they are still It can be summarized as slow development, limited scale, backward technology, low efficiency, little attention, and self-development. It is a marginalized industry.

Despite this, over the years, the contribution made by luggage testing instruments in the production and development of the paper and packaging industries, in implementing quality standards and controlling product quality has been recognized by relevant industries, especially in the production and quality development of the luggage and packaging industry. In the process, the promotion effect played is affirmed by the carton industry. Based on the analysis of the actual needs of quality testing instruments in the papermaking industry, it is believed that the current varieties, specifications, and availability of papermaking luggage testing instruments can basically meet the general needs of the industry, but they cannot meet the needs of standard development and some new products, and new quality indicators. needs.

YESHINE suitcase walk mileage test machine turbulence wear testing

      This test machine is used to test a certain load loaded in the traveling case and traveling bag with wheels. The belt type test machine is used to test the friction and impact between the bump plate and the traveling wheel of the sample, and to check whether the wheels and pull rods are damaged during the traveling of the case and bag. (test two-wheel and four-wheel trolley boxes)

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