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Founder's speech

Wenzhou Yeshine Machinery Co.,ltd is specialized in producing a complete set of luggage line equipment, integrating production, manufacturing and sales, and has been widely used in major luggage factories. The company started from 1989, from the ordinary production of plastic blister machine, to the plastic sheet machine behind, and finally to the production of the whole equipment line!
All along, our business philosophy is "integrity" and "quality", we always believe that only the business based on mutual trust is permanent.
The company is constantly upgrading its machines with the concept of continuous research and innovation to provide customers with the most advanced equipment. We have helped countless domestic and foreign factories to establish their own luggage manufacturing plants.
So far, our machines have been exported to different countries around the world, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on.
As the founder of the company, I firmly believe that in the next few years, we will open more domestic and foreign markets at a faster rate and welcome more customers!

  • CONTACT PERSON: Crystal Cai(Sales Manager)
  • TEL: 86-577-65526292
  • E-MAIL:;;
  • WHATSAPP +8613989711960/18867725393
  • FACTORY ADD Qianbu Industrial Zone , Xincheng Street, Ruian,Wenzhou City, Zhejiang,China
  • SKYPE: cai.menglu1/flyingruan1
  • WECHAT +8613989711960/18867725393
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