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E-commerce of China's luggage industry

E-commerce of China's luggage industry


Current Advances in Yeshine Luggage

China's luggage industry has a long industrial chain and many circulation links. The emergence of e-commerce has broadened sales channels and innovated the business model of luggage companies. E-commerce reduces transaction costs, consumers can directly contact new products and new brands, and can quickly purchase bags of different brands, while luggage companies can conduct product introduction, promotion, and sales through the Internet, shortening the circulation and transaction links, improving efficiency. With the increasing maturity of e-commerce and related platform operation models, operating costs will continue to decrease, and the e-commerce of the luggage industry will be the general trend.


Best price CNC Hole Punching luggage shell Automatic Cutting Machine

This Robot(Auto Cutting&Hole Puncher Machine)is combined Manual Type Cut and Hole Puncher Machine together,which has fully automatically operating and high speed,high capacity function.It has won the most customers' praise.

Equipped with an outer dust collecting hood, there are three trash bins behind the machine, which can be pulled out for collection, which is convenient for waste cleaning and keeps the workshop tidy.

The safety factor of loading and unloading is high, and there are double ground rails, and the two ground rails are used in a staggered manner. When the left rail is unloaded, the right rail is processed. When the right rail is unloaded, the left rail is processed, and people stand in the middle of the machine to load and unload materials, and the labor intensity of workers is low.

The overall work efficiency of double-head work will be 15% higher than that of 6-axis.

The processed products have high accuracy, normal use, and no defect rate. The assembly efficiency can be improved, and the holes will not have to be assembled with accessories due to non-standard holes.

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