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Everything you want to know about suitcases/travelling cases/trolley cases is here

Everything you want to know about suitcases/travelling cases/trolley cases is here


Everything you want to know about suitcases/travelling cases/trolley cases is here

Luggage/travel suitcase/roller suitcase is still one of the indispensable items in our daily life.

Even if you don’t use it for normal travels and business trips, you will still use suitcases/suitcases/roller cases when occasionally transporting some things. One of the reasons is the pullability of suitcases. Compared with schoolbags, which are inclusive objects that need to be carried on our backs or carried in our hands, suitcases/suitcases/trolley cases will save more effort.

But now there are endless luggage on the market, which is dazzling. Below, Yixin will share some tips on luggage. If you want to choose a suitcase/suitcase/roller suitcase that is satisfactory in all aspects, you have to be right. I have a certain understanding of suitcases, so in this article I will introduce suitcases/suitcases/roller cases from several angles, hoping to give you some suggestions.

Next, we will introduce various useful knowledge about trolley cases in detail. After reading this article, you will gain:

1. Classification of suitcases

1. According to material

According to material, suitcases are divided into soft cases and hard cases.

Soft boxes are mainly made of cloth, such as genuine leather, Oxford cloth, nylon, canvas, PU leather, EVA+ leather/leather

There are four types of hard cases: ABS, PC, ABS+PC, and aluminum-magnesium alloy.

2. According to structure

According to structure, suitcases are mainly divided into trolley suitcases and horizontal suitcases.

The most common type of luggage nowadays is trolley suitcases, which are convenient and trouble-free.

3. According to size

According to size, suitcases include 20 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, etc., as well as those below 20 inches and above 30 inches.

Among them, the most popular ones are 20-inch and 24-inch.

Key points for purchasing suitcases

1. Size

Box type: 18-inch boarding case, 20-inch boarding case, 24-inch check-in box, 26-inch check-in box

Dimensions including wheels Width 31x Thickness 23x Height 49.5 Width 34x Thickness 23x Height 55 Width 38x Thickness 25x Height 65 Width 44x Thickness 26x Height 71

Weight 3.0KG 3.5KG 4.0KG 4.5KG

Capacity about 30L about 35L about 65L about 75L

When choosing the size, in addition to the most important consideration of capacity, the affordability and requirements are also important. For example, can it be carried? There are still many places that require manual handling, such as living in high-rise buildings without elevators.

Individual regulations refer to carry-on luggage and checked luggage.

Suitcases 0 inches and below can be boarded directly without checking in;

Luggage >20 inches can only be checked in. but! According to the "China Civil Aviation Passenger Baggage Domestic Transport Rules", 32 inches is the maximum checked size for domestic flights; 28 inches for international flights.

So how to choose the size?

1-3 days short trip: 20 inches

Single person 5-7 days/family of three short-distance travel 1-3 days: 24 inches or 26 inches

Family of three traveling for 5-7 days: 28 inches

College students start school: 26 inches, 28 inches can be selected in winter

Study abroad: 20 inches + 26 inches/28 inches

Go out to work: 26 inches

2. Material

The main materials of suitcases include ABS, PC, ABS+PC, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. Among them, PCs are divided into Covestro composite PCs, German Bayer PCs and ordinary PCs.

Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to ask me about the selection priorities of these four materials, then my answer is: aluminum-magnesium alloy > PC > ABS+PC > ABS. In the same way, for most products, the better the material, the higher the price. For example, luggage made of aluminum-magnesium alloy will be more expensive and heavier.


Advantages: lightest weight, high hardness

Disadvantages: Highly fragile, not resistant to high temperatures, easily damaged by bumps


Advantages: strong flexibility, collision resistance and not easily damaged, light weight, high waterproofness

Disadvantages: Slightly expensive, not as hard as PC+ABS composite material


Advantages: The wear resistance, hardness and ductility are greatly improved, and the price is not high. It is the most common luggage material on the market.

Disadvantages: Easily deceived by unscrupulous merchants who take advantage of loopholes

Aluminum magnesium alloy

Advantages: Highest hardness, wear-resistant and fall-resistant

Disadvantages: The box is too heavy and the price is too high


Advantages: light weight, low price, high space ductility

Disadvantages: Not pressure-resistant, not waterproof, slightly lower appearance


If you choose a high-end, high-priced suitcase, then I suggest you choose a suitcase made of aluminum-magnesium alloy;

If you choose a mid-range, mid-priced suitcase, then I suggest you choose a suitcase made of PC material;

If you choose a low-end, low-priced suitcase, then I suggest you choose a suitcase made of ABS+PC material.

3. Roller

Roller types are divided into one-way wheels and universal wheels, with universal wheels being the first choice.

The roller material is divided into rubber and plastic. The most common rubber material is TPE.

Rubber material is preferred because it is not only softer and more durable, but also very quiet.

Another point is that if you can choose a larger roller diameter, try to choose it, because the larger the diameter, the higher the load-bearing capacity.

4. Tie rod

It is preferred to choose double tie rods with built-in cabinets and made of aluminum alloy, because the stability of a single tie rod is too low.

It is best to adjust the height to 3-4 levels, at least not lower than 2 levels.

The swing of the tie rod also needs to be considered. The judgment method is as follows: Pull the lever to the highest height, and the left and right shaking amplitude is about 1.5cm. If it is >1.5cm, then run quickly.

5. Handle

The selection priority is metal > plastic > cloth.

6. Lock

There are several types of locks: ordinary combination locks (pop-up type, push type) and customs locks. There is also a three-in-one smart lock, which adds fingerprint unlocking based on the first two, but it is not common at present, so there is not much description in this article.

The two methods of pop-up and push-type are very common, and customs locks are mainly suitable for meeting the needs of people who travel to the United States or study abroad. If you arrive in the United States and your suitcase does not have a customs lock, then the local customs has the power to directly open the suitcase and inspect it violently. At that time, we and our suitcase will be seriously injured.

7. Closing method

Closure methods are divided into zippers and buckles.

Give priority to zipper styles. Card buckle styles can easily explode due to too much loading. If this happens in a crowded airport or station, it will be embarrassing in minutes.

8. Internal fixation method

There are five main fixing methods inside the suitcase: X fixing straps, parallel bar fixing straps, zipper bags, dry and wet separation and expansion layer designs.

Purchasing suggestions:

Those who want clear partitions inside the suitcase should choose suitcases with wet and dry separation, zipper bags and X-fixing straps;

Those who want a larger capacity are best to choose suitcases with an expansion layer design.

9. Others

For example, whether there is a USB charging port, whether there is a special card slot for the lever, whether there is a special place for power bank, whether there are brake wheels, etc.

These are personalized designs and are extra points. You can choose according to your own needs.

Exclusive tips for judging the quality of your luggage!

.Press the cabinet lightly: PC or PC+ABS material has good resilience, can easily return to its original shape, and has high pressure resistance.

. Pull the lever: It is best to have a three-stage type, which can meet the height needs of different people. Check the pull rod in sections to see if it is smooth (new ones are prone to jamming, so it is best to try it a few times)

.Push the pulley: The wheel must be a universal wheel, otherwise it will be very troublesome. Try it a few times to see if it is smooth.

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