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Our country is the world's largest luggage producer and has great potential for development

Our country is the world's largest luggage producer and has great potential for development


Whether it is the luggage industry or other industries, most of them are OEMs for foreign brands from the beginning, which explains why my country is the world's largest labor producer.

At that time, there were still relatively cheap and large labor costs, coupled with cheap land rents, which made more and more foreign companies set their sights on the Chinese market. It is the best choice to choose this place as a processing site, which can bring a lot of benefits to both parties, and also promote the economic and market development of my country's coastal areas.

In the central and western regions of my country, which are close to the inland, the development of the luggage industry is relatively backward. This is related to the increase in cost caused by the farther production location. Secondly, the backwardness of transportation and economy is also one of the main factors.

"As of 2018, the total market value of my country's luggage industry has exceeded 150 billion yuan. With the improvement of people's consumption power, the luggage industry market will continue to expand its scale."

Many international big brands have unique advantages, firstly the quality of the product itself, secondly, there is a relatively complete and mature business model, which can be effectively played in the huge market of China. Correspondingly, it also has an impact on some domestic traditional brands, which is not conducive to the development of my country's independent industries.


YESHINE Hot sell Luggage Suitcase Sheet Extruder Machine


         Raw Material - Heating&drying - Co-extruder&shape - cooling&hauling -cutting-finished sheet

Machine feature:

  ABS one line sheet extruder machine is capable of producing ABS new or recycled material in single layer sheet. It is widely used in Luggage , Suitcase, Trolley bag ,Refrigerator, Air condition,bathroom production. 

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