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What if luggage trolley is broken

What if luggage trolley is broken


If suitcase trolley is broken, a lot of people are directly throw the box away, in fact it is very waste, because of the trunk of luggage trolley, there are only two parts is the most easy to damage, one is under luggage trolley, the shake handshandle of above, on a general shake handshandle also good, as long as the hard right, less likely to damage, but luggage trolley is different, under the price cheap luggage, wheel quality is very poor, before long luggage trolley will break.

The price of suitcases made by luggage machine is uneven now. In order to make a good deal, many people will choose a cheap suitcase. In fact, the value of the suitcase is reflected in three aspects: 

1.luggage handle

2. quality of the tie bar;

3. quality of luggage trolley.

Cheap luggage wheels are the easiest to wear out, they are not convenient to use after wearing out, so they must be replaced.

Generally speaking, luggage trolley can be replaced. If you're looking for a professional luggage trolley manufacturfer, Yeshine factory is highly recommended. You just need to open the suitcase and check whether there is a zipper to open the cloth in the suitcase. If there is a zipper, you can unzip it and see that there are screws inside the suitcase.

Prepare a set of tools that use either a cross or a single word driver, depending on the type of screw.

Use a driver to remove all the screws from the wheel that need to be replaced.

Then we picked up the inside of the old luggage trolley and looked at it. This place is very critical, and it must be matched to the same place. The positions of the holes of several screws must be well determined, and the radian and height of the wheel must be well determined.

We can go to the luggage market to match luggage trolley, or we can also match luggage trolley market online, because it is difficult to find such a place, and others will certainly suggest you buy a new box, in fact, this wheel is only a dozen, with a new, more cost-effective.

The appearance of luggage trolley is not the key point, the key point is the location of the screw hole and the height of the wheel, now many online stores have such a wheel for sale, directly find "luggage wheel accessories" can be.

Send the pictures to the shop and they will match you with the same suitcase wheels.

Wheels are usually two, a replacement, a spare.

When the new wheel arrives, you can start to change the wheel.

When luggage trolleies have been changed, stand the suitcase on end and drag it around to see if it is flexible and the right height.

After the luggage trolley is gone, the box was ready to use again, as good as new, and as old as new.

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