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Decoding The "NEW CONTENT" Of The Luggage Industry And Recreating New Productivity Through Digital Intelligence

Decoding The "NEW CONTENT" Of The Luggage Industry And Recreating New Productivity Through Digital Intelligence


Decoding the "new content" of the luggage industry and recreating new productivity through digital intelligence

At the 135th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair"), which opened on April 15, one or two overseas buyers could be seen riding "suitcases" through the exhibition hall from time to time. This kind of "suitcase" that can be ridden attracted many overseas buyers to come to the booth to try out the riding experience, which became a wonderful scene of this Canton Fair.

At the 4th China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Consumer Expo"), which opened on April 13, China Luggage brought a smart trolley case that can automatically avoid obstacles and ride in remote control directions; equipped with solar cells , a backpack that can charge digital devices at any time; innovative products that use audio fabrics for backpacks and have dual functions of document bags and backpacks have become the "popular kings" of the exhibition.

Whether it is the China International Import Expo or the Consumer Expo, at the two top exhibitions, while "black technology" luggage products attract the attention of buyers, the "invisible" new productivity hidden behind the products plays a huge role, making traditional Luggage companies are brimming with new vitality.

Where is the new productivity in the luggage industry? On the journey of high-quality development, how do luggage companies move from "new" to "quality"? Recently, reporters visited a luggage company in China to find out.

At the Luggage Cultural and Creative Center, reporters were shown two pieces of luggage fabric. One piece was dark black and had a smooth surface, while the other was dark gray and elastic. He used a utility knife to make several hard cuts on the two pieces of fabric. He saw that the black fabric had been "disemboweled", while the gray fabric had only suffered some "skin trauma" and only a few strips could be seen on the surface. Light scratches.

"The black one is an ordinary luggage cloth sold on the market, while the gray one is a special super-strong fiber cloth developed by us together with the China Textile and Apparel Industry Federation Product R&D Center. The difference between the two can be seen once you try it." Chinese luggage entrepreneur We are proud to say that today, this special super-strong fiber cloth has been successfully used in some children's schoolbags and adult backpacks launched by the company's luggage. These bags have the functions of being anti-cut, scratch-proof, and flame-retardant, and are like a piece of "protective material." Shield" provides users with a security guarantee.

It’s not just a knife-proof school bag. At this year’s Consumer Expo, a new backpack brought by Chinese Enterprise Luggage innovatively uses audio fabrics for backpack production. It is not only breathable, oil-proof, and anti-fouling, It also has the dual properties of a document bag and a backpack. According to reports, “This product has been at the forefront of the luggage field in terms of both materials and functions. It is also an innovative design that has never been seen in the industry. On this product, we can see that luggage has laid out new quality productivity in brand building. , you can also see the vivid display of new productivity in products.”

There are many "black technologies" used in Chinese luggage, and these technological innovations are attributed to China Industrial's years of hard work in the field of luggage fabrics.

"China's luggage industry insists on taking the lead in the manufacturing industry, pays close attention to innovation, reform and incremental breakthroughs, constantly improves the gold content, new content, and intellectual content of products, promotes industrial technological innovation, develops new-quality productivity, and accelerates the construction of excellent products, outstanding brands, and A first-class brand enterprise with leading innovation and modern governance," said the Chinese entrepreneur.

Solve the problem of "not resistant to falling" in travel luggage

Transformation and upgrading to empower traditional industries

China's Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of last year singled out the keyword "trendy products" for domestic products among "new consumption growth points" for the first time. Domestic “trendy products” carry people’s yearning for a better life and also demonstrate their confidence in Chinese brands. However, one problem we have to face is that in the luggage industry, especially in the field of travel luggage, there are very few domestic products with excellent quality.

In March this year, the Qingdao Municipal Administration for Market Regulation announced the results of quality supervision and sampling inspections of travel luggage products. A total of 20 batches of travel luggage products were randomly inspected, including 3 batches of unqualified products, all of which failed in the oscillation and impact performance items.

In October last year, the Fujian Provincial Administration for Market Regulation organized a provincial-level supervision and spot inspection on the quality of travel luggage products. A total of 5 batches of products from 5 e-commerce companies were randomly inspected, of which 2 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified discovery rate was 40%.

For domestic consumers, with the increase in travel frequency and family travel, a reliable and high-quality trolley suitcase is a must-have. At this time, can they only choose a foreign brand suitcase that costs nearly 10,000 yuan? Witnessing the absence of domestic high-end suitcase products in the market, Shen Jianxin became more determined in his original intention of making "high-end" and "anti-fall" suitcases.

"This bag is 9 times as hard as steel, 1/2 the weight of a lithium battery, and has a burning point of 3600 degrees Celsius. It is made of carbon fiber fabric, which is a material for aerospace." Shen Jianxin picked up a carbon fiber suitcase proudly Said, "This is our latest product, which is waterproof, anti-fall and lightweight. I call it the 'Rolls-Royce of China'."

The reporter walked into the product testing center of the company's luggage. The staff was testing the luggage using equipment such as luggage walking wear testing machine, tie rod smoothness testing machine, and programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine. According to reports, before each new product of luggage is launched, the sample must first pass a series of tests, such as not aging, deforming, or cracking in extreme environments of 90 degrees Celsius high temperature and minus 40 degrees Celsius, and being towed at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. The tires can be driven for 1,000 kilometers without damage, and the tie rod can be pulled up and down 5,000 times without bursting, etc. to ensure the stability of product quality.

"Product innovation is like mountain climbing, you need to keep climbing to the top." Chinese entrepreneurs said that luggage plans to invest a lot of money in 2024 to introduce the world's leading intelligent production line for aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley cases to China.

Extending to the higher end of the value chain

From creating a famous brand to creating a world brand

The reporter saw at the China Enterprise Luggage Cultural and Creative Center that hundreds of luggage products were neatly placed in an exhibition hall of thousands of square meters. They were divided into men, women and students in terms of applicable groups; business and tourism in terms of performance. , casual; in terms of fabrics, it is divided into aluminum-magnesium alloy, carbon fiber, cowhide, PC, Oxford cloth; in terms of functions, it is divided into anti-knife, electronic weighing, alarm, solar energy, etc., covering almost all the most popular bags on the market today. Types and varieties can meet the needs of different consumer groups.

Reporter's Notes

Chinese brands go global and national confidence leads the future

During the reporter’s research on luggage in China, what impressed me most was the company’s chairman’s new confidence in national brands. He told reporters, "Standing at the forefront of building a national brand for luggage, yesterday, we developed and woven luggage fabrics with extremely high visibility and credibility, becoming a large-scale R&D and production base for luggage fabrics in China; today, we are equally confident in creating Develop famous independent brands and national brands in China’s luggage industry and let Chinese brands go global.”

As a national brand of luggage in China, its confidence comes from the technological core of independent innovation. A smart trolley case developed and designed by Kailing Luggage has the functions of traveling and riding. It not only frees the user's hands, but also can use the case as an "electric vehicle". A trolley case can carry 150 kilograms, and it can carry people 10 kilometers with just a mobile phone APP remote control, making the journey easier. At the same time, the trolley case also has a discharge function and can be used as a large-capacity power bank through the USB port. The product is interesting and practical, but to realize these functions, for Kailing luggage and even the domestic luggage industry, it is an evolution from 0 to 1. In the research and development of this smart trolley case, Kailing Luggage spent one year and 20 million yuan in order to integrate many electronic and mechanical components into four wheels. In terms of design, Kailing luggage has spared no expense to hire designers from Milan, Italy all year round to integrate world-class fashion concepts and fashion trends into luggage design, laying the foundation for future luggage to go abroad and go global. With an investment of 160 million yuan in 6 years, Kailing luggage relies on fashion, new materials, functionality and smart technology to step into the forefront of the industry.

If independent core technology is the cornerstone of a national brand, then what lies behind the technology is the spirit of the Chinese people. With the ambition and passion of national confidence and brand confidence, we will strive to create a national luggage brand that truly belongs to the Chinese people.

This is the confidence of Chinese brands and the confidence of Chinese people.

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