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The future development trend of the luggage market

The future development trend of the luggage market


        Luggage industry is a huge market, with the improvement of people's living standards and the development of tourismthe luggage industry market is constantly expanding, a variety of bags have become indispensable accessories around people.People require luggage products not only to be strengthened in practicality, but also to be decorative.

Market development trend

        1. Eco-friendly styles are becoming increasingly popular

With the improvement of national and global environmental awareness, more and more consumers have begun to pursue environmentally friendly goods.Luggage products as a widely used daily supplies, its environmental performance is also more and more attentionEnvironmentally friendly luggage products are made of environmentally friendly materials, with environmental protection, durable,easy to clean and other characteristics, such products have been widely welcomed in the market.

        2. Smart luggage will become a new trend

Intelligent products are the field of rapid development in recent years, and the luggage manufacturing industryhas also begun to introduce intelligent technology and introduce smart bags. Smart luggage can help people easily complete luggage-related operations,such as remote control of the suitcase lock, easy to find the location of the suitcase, and even automatically send information to the owner if the luggage is lost.Smart bags are also expected to become a future development trend.

        3. Online sales are trending

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, more and more luggage brands begin to pay attention to the development of online sales channels.Online sales channels allow consumers to easily browse products and understand prices, product information and promotion information in real time,which is extremely convenient for consumers. In recent years, online sales are growing rapidly, and many luggage brands have gradually begun to enter the online market.

China Leader plastic PC ABS sheet luggage-bag making machine extruder machine

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