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luggage making machine introduction

luggage making machine introduction


Automatic luggage making machine is introduction: luggage machine from Yeshin company adopts foreign advanced technology and new technology of German, combined with the domestic market demand, research and development production of a new type of automatic trunk machine, luggage making machine uses PLC touch screen automatic control system, luggage machinery good reliability, functionality, high degree of automation, simple operation, automatic para feeding, automatic products, greatly improving the production efficiency.

The use of automatic luggage making machine: mainly suitable for ABS, PP, PS, PVC, EPS, HIPS and other thermoplastic thick plastic sheet vacuum suction molding various trunk products.

In the corresponding suitcase mold can be produced: all kinds of luggage accessories and other products of the ideal processing equipment.

Mechanical features of fully automatic luggage making leather die cutting machine:

1. Luggage machinery design, fine workmanship, simple structure, easy to operate, stable performance, for large and medium-sized manufacturers of plastic suction machine products;

2. Infrared ceramic heating brick and independent temperature-regulating system are adopted in the mechanical heating furnace of luggage, which is convenient for processing and production of more difficult products;

3. Luggage making machine has the feature of reinforcing cold air, promoting the cooling and setting speed of products, so as to improve production efficiency;

4. Full automatic suitcase mechanical complete vacuum system, including vacuum tank, vacuum valve vacuum pump, backblow demodulation device, and has blowing and core-pulling functions;

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