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Market competition pattern of luggage industry

Market competition pattern of luggage industry


Business structure: From the perspective of the business model, enterprises in the luggage industry are mainly divided into three categories: processing manufacturer OEM, professional manufacturer ODM, and brand operator. The Chinese market is mainly dominated by ODM/OEM, with production capacity distributed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei Baigou Town, and Liaoning Nantai Town, etc. China's luggage manufacturing output has accounted for more than 0% of the world's share. However, my country's luggage OEM manufacturing enterprises are generally small in scale and large in number, the market competition is fierce, the independent research and development technology is weak, and differentiated competition has not yet formed.

YESHINE Vacuum Forming  Machine

Machine Feature:
Auto vacuum forming machine is workable for forming ABS.PC.PP.PS etc sheet.
It is specially used in Luggage Shell forming production, which is most efficiently and high output.
Upper-lower double heating with PLC control system. Machine size can be made as customer demand. 

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