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YESHINE Attand Exchange Meeting Between China Supplier and India Buyer in shanghai on 4.26.2024

YESHINE Attand Exchange Meeting Between China Supplier and India Buyer in shanghai on 4.26.2024


YESHINE Attand Exchange Meeting Between China Supplier and India Buyer in shanghai on 4.26.2024!

Shanghai Meeting , China supplier with India Buyer!!! 

The 2024 Shanghai China-India Plastics Industry Capacity Cooperation Entrepreneurs Matchmaking Meeting was held in Shanghai on April 26. YESHINE is honored to participate in this entrepreneur matching meeting and have more in-depth communication with more Indian plastic entrepreneurs and understand their country's industry needs. The event is jointly sponsored by the All-India Plastics Manufacturing Industry Association, the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, and Simex International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and is exclusively hosted by Simex International Exhibition Co., Ltd., aiming to provide a two-way platform for bilateral plastics industry traders from China and India. A high-quality, efficient platform for interaction and choice. The scale of this event will reach a record high. The organizers of the conference strongly invite the Indian Plastics Industry Foundation to organize enterprises to join. More than 300 plastic industry entrepreneurs, purchasers and service providers from China, India and the two countries will gather. Chinese entrepreneurs will Seize business opportunities without leaving home and deeply tap the market potential of India and Turkey.

This matchmaking conference will continue to use the B2B negotiation and procurement model. The five major industries of injection molding machinery, extrusion machinery, mold processing equipment, plastic machine accessories, chemicals and raw materials will be segmented on-site for "one-to-one" precise matching to promote a win-win situation between supply and demand. The meeting will also introduce in detail the situation of the 2017 Mumbai Plastics Exhibition in India, the Indian plastics market, analyze product demand trends, etc., and arrange more value-added experience service projects for enterprises in the three countries: such as the introduction of the CMEC India Yihui Industrial Park project in Chennai. , foreign trade comprehensive service platform project introduction, organized visits to Ningbo Haitian Industrial Park project and other rich contents.

The promulgation and implementation of the national “Belt and Road” strategy and the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting International Cooperation in Production Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing” have provided new opportunities for Chinese companies that want to take advantage of the “Belt and Road” initiative to further make a difference in overseas markets. In order to further accelerate the pace of enterprises' "going global" and promote the implementation of international cooperation projects in production capacity, CMEC Exhibition Company actively promotes a series of activities of "Strengthening International Production Capacity Cooperation" in multiple industry fields, and focuses on new areas such as industrial parks and industrial parks to "strengthen international production capacity cooperation". "Please come in" and "go out" are organically integrated, closely focusing on the new situation of "One Belt and One Road", to achieve in-depth development, innovation-driven and transformation and upgrading, and to build the "China-India Plastics Industry Capacity Cooperation Entrepreneur Matchmaking Meeting" into my country's plastic machine industry The best "springboard" for small and medium-sized enterprises to transform, upgrade and "go global".

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