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the material properties of metal powder injection molding

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
There are several steps in the metal powder injection molding process.Metal Powders and adhesive components are the basic components of raw materials that are continuously or non-continuously mixedContinuous equipment.Powder composition accounts for about 60% of the volume fraction share.
The raw materials used for injection are granular.The machine for processing metal raw materials is different from the traditional injection molding machine.The main difference lies in its plastic-adding device.
The adhesive melted at the temperature.
Due to the uniform distribution, the boron powder composition keeps the solid in the melt.The load of the metal powder, the particle size and composition of the adhesive not only affect the processing performance, but also the uniformity of the mixture will affect the processing performance.Subsequently, most of the adhesive parts are extracted from the original injection parts.
So that the so-Then the final sintering furnace is made through the so-called brown parts.PIM applications are made from metals and ceramics in many industries, such as medical technology and automotive.The mixed raw material described in the Rheograph that determines the flow properties.
The most common method is to measure the melting index test device at one point.According to some information, the flow properties of the uniformity of mixed raw materials are compared.For the same mixture, the uneven mixture is moreFlow properties of bulk materials.
However, the flow data can be used not only for the quality control of raw materials, but also as input parameters for the injection molding simulation program.In the use of conventional capillary rheometers, only the heat melted by the metal powder material is added.But no shear was applied before the actual measurement.
The flow of the plasticized screw will improve the homogenization, usually resulting in a reduction in viscosity.Or the relative effect may be: if the dead time in the plastic-increasing device is too long or the temperature is too high, the adhesive will dissolve and gradually increase the viscosity.This shows that data describing the real situation can be obtained by traditional measurement methods.
When used to simulate the viscosity data measured directly on the injection molding machine, the new method is more suitable to describe the mold filling process and determine the required pressure and clamping force.For testing with a standard formula using a metal powder adhesive mixture, the mixing ratio is changed at regular intervals.The adhesive content of the stainless steel raw material is 5% higher than that of the ordinary mixture, and then shows the flow properties of the raw material.
The viscosity of the process indicates that the content of the adhesive composition only affects the viscosity value.The raw material can be seen as a system of high filling.These materials slide easily in the mold wall.
This means that the flow speed of the melt in the mold wall deviates from the zero value.The Rheological machine can quantify this phenomenon.When the mold temperature rises, the injection pressure must be reduced.
This reduces injection integrity.
However, the MFQ value is not affected by the state or injection mold parameters.As long as it is affected by screw torque and barrel temperature, the quality of metal raw materials remains stable.In addition, when the shear speed and pressure are not high, it describes the viscosity properties of the raw material.
Under this condition, the raw material is very sensitive to factors that affect the viscosity of the reaction.Similarly, in this case, the metal powder mixing and the correction of the adhesive also have an effect on the fluidity.In metal powder injection molding, uniform mixing of powder particles and adhesives is essential for the quality of injection molded parts.
The change in the mixture will eventually change the fluidity of the melt.Unlike traditional methods, the flow tube determines the viscosity of the injection molding machine.It forms the desired data.Quality control can monitor the quality of raw materials.
The motor electronics reads the screw torque and passes it up to the machine to calculate the MFQ value.The Heat introduced in the process of plasticizing is described
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