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taiwan\'s \'time is coming\' for all-electric machines.

by:YESHINE     2020-06-09
Taiwan\'s plastic machinery market has a place on the global stage. -all-
Electric machine.
The recent TaipeiPlas show shows that this will change. Taiwan\'s 400-
In addition, the plastic and rubber machinery company created $1.
According to TAMI, sales were 2 billion in 2013 and the industry ranked fifth in the world after Germany, Japan, Italy and China (tami. org)
National Machinery Association.
On September, in the north square of Taiwan\'s two-year rubber mud booth, walking in the aisle, it was difficult for tourists to find
Motors that dominate other global plastic events.
Relative lack of servo system
Driving machinery may change over the next few years, as the Taiwan government has played an active role in developing domestic supply chains for key components, including ballscrews, linear guides, and servo motors and drives.
Alan Wang, vice chairman of the TAMI plastics and rubber Machinery Committee, is also a manufacturer of injection molding machines, fuchunxin (FCS)
Group, acknowledging the current gap in the supply of equipment in its country: \"For all-
In particular, Taiwan\'s machine makers face bottlenecks in key components.
FCS is involved in a government project to work with a servo motor supplier to develop a drive specifically for all areas, Wang said
Electric forming machine.
However, Taiwan is now emphasizing hybrid machines.
\"Now, we are in a transition period to develop new products,\" Wang explained . \".
\"We want to close the gap between all electric and hydraulic.
\"David Wu, he is employed by the vertical news specialist multi-function machinery company. Ltd.
Having served as chairman of the Taiwan committee on plastics and rubber machinery, he noted that many Taiwanese machine manufacturers were early adopters of all machines
Power technology, but when high-
The cost of imported parts squeezed the profit margin.
\"Many Taiwanese companies have
However, the motor has stopped production due to low profit margins . \"
\"Taiwan is now ready to provide ball screw and servo motor.
Although some companies are producing, they have fewer power units, which are not the case for large machines.
Once we have developed a local supply, it will bring us more competitive in producing all our products
Motor. \" GIVING ALL-
Another photo is Jon Wei machinery. Ltd. (jonwai. com)
Proud to be at the forefront of plastic technology, Taiwan\'s plastic equipment industry has won many local first,
Enter full-
Electric injection molding machine game.
Jon Wai\' sharison Chen pointed out that his company first launched-
In 2000, tricicunit assembled it with ballscrews and servo motors in Japan, eventually making the machine too expensive.
With this experience, the company will try again
According to Chen, the electric printing machine is a technology that must be owned by a equipment supplier.
As its name suggests
Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co. , Ltd. Ltd.
Hydraulic Press is the main product (
For forming rubber)
But in theshow, the company (tungyu. com)
Launched the whole
Electric machine.
Deputy general manager Steven Yen said the energy consumption of the new machine will be 80% lower than that of the hydraulic equipment.
Fangji International Machinery Co. , Ltd. Ltd. (fi. com)
Companies that produce blow molding and extrusion equipment have introduced the bottom of the hydraulic drive-
Blow molding machine in Taipei square, but Charles T. J. Wei, v. p.
CEO said the company will transform to anallelectric model.
FKI was also early.
Electric adopters launching aservo-
In 2008, the electric blow molding machine, but it also found that the component cost and the overall machine price tag are too high for the market.
He said that in the past few years, the price of servo motors and ball screw has dropped, creating a new opportunity.
Wei estimates all
The cost of the previous motor is 70-
More than 80% hydrauliccounterparts, but the gap has narrowed to about 40%.
\"It\'s time for everyone --
\"Electric Machines,\" said Wei.
\"Buyers would not have invested before, but now they are looking for it.
In the summer of 2015, Wei said FKI will work on anallelectric two-
Station blow molding machine with multiple heads, for applications such as shampoo bottles, the goal is to help the processor reduce energy consumption by about 60%.
\"Maybe within a year, the processor will say, \'I will get a return on investment,\' which makes it easier to sell,\" Wei said . \" He pointed out that the final savings depend on the formed parts.
First of all-
FKI is working with a key European component supplier, but this time it wants to purchase the parts domestically.
\"This is the brand of our country,\" Wei said . \"
\"The product must have good cost and same performance;
If so, we will use it. \" FCS Group (fcs. com. tw)
2014 is the 40 th anniversary of its establishment, and it will also be re-establishedenter the all-
Electric Injection Molding Market (U. S.
The representative is Maruka USA in Songxi, USA. J. ; marukausa. com).
The company\'s first attempt was in 2005;
But, according to district managers John Xie and David Chen, as it was forced to purchase key components from Japan, the price of the machine was too high for customers of FCS, this effort was temporarily executed by the director.
This time, FCS is working with the Taiwan government to find local sources for key components such as ballscrews and servo motors and plans to release the new all-
Motor production line in next May or June.
Despite the partnership with the Taiwan government and efforts to build a domestic supply chain, Mr. Hsieh acknowledged that it was not possible to build a 100% Taiwanese --sourced all-electric press.
He said all the plans.
In the end, the wires will range from 30 tons to 350 tons, but in the first place, FCS will build a popular 150 tonsand 200-tonmodels.
It will take advantage of the direct drive, not the belt.
Molding machine manufacturer Chen Hsong (chenhsong. com)
One of the earliest adopters.
Start aservo-Electric News Technology
Driving News of 1994
1995, according to Kevin Huang, regional sales manager, the development cost was $1 million.
Starting in 1996, the company shifted its focus to hybrid machines, with the first hybrid machine launched in Taipei Plas the same year.
Today, Mr. Huang said about 90% of the 15,000 machines Mr. Chen produces each year are hybrid cars.
Huang believes that with the expiration of the patent,
But Chen will still focus on hybrid vehicles. In the U. S.
Chen Hsong isrepresented by Portuguese company. Jason, Mickey. (gluco. com).
Victor Taichung (victor-pim. com)
Their injection molding machine was acquired by wealth brands in North America and entered the whole
But unlike other equipment suppliers in Taiwan, it has been in market competition 10 years ago.
The company showed two.
Motor of Taipei Plas, 200-and 150-
Ton model from the second generation of theline.
Martin Li, manager of the company, pointed out that fortune now provides
Electric machines ranging from 50 tons to 300 tons.
Although he admits that the market has been fluctuating over the years, about 10% of Fortune\'s current machine sales come from the following:electrics.
At the moment, fortune has outsourced key components abroad, including Rexroth\'s drives, but it also hopes to source locally in the future, said Torley.
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