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lego buys u.s. solar power builder

by:YESHINE     2020-06-09
The owners of the Danish toy and entertainment giant Lego have purchased an American solar project developer for themselves.
KIRKBI, a holding company that also makes select investments for the Lego founding family, has acquired a majority stake in Enerparc U. S.
A subsidiary of Enerparc, Germany.
KIRKBI is interested in multiple offshore wind assets, real estate and other companies.
While corporate interest in solar energy has surged, especially in the United States, there is often more exposure.
Most are purchasing electricity from solar projects under long-term power procurement agreements (PPA)
This provides the certainty of cost and brings its own value.
Companies like Facebook and Google are investing in their own projects.
This gives them a 30% tax credit in exchange for the PPA for funds and the resulting power.
The company has signed more than 30 such contracts and is investing in greenfield solar projects.
A large company that buys solar developers from outside the industry will be considered a new move.
The Lego 100% is powered by renewable energy, and it also has some solar power installed on its own property, which is not afraid to try new things.
The iconic brick was originally made of wood until the company purchased the new one
Square led plastic injection molding machine with 1940 s.
It\'s a huge risk, but it pays off.
The Kirk Kristiansen family still controls 75% of the Lego empire and uses the KIRKBI fund to fund activities that meet certain criteria, including a net positive impact on the environment.
At this stage, it is not clear whether the show intends to deploy more KIRKBI funds directly into the project pipeline of Enerparc U. S.
, Develop websites for your own exclusive PPAs or simpler hands-onoff ownership.
Thomas schleliu, chief investment officer kirkbi a/S, said: \"The vast majority of Enerparc Co. , Ltd.
Providing KIRKBI with a unique opportunity to own a company that has built an operational, commercial and scalable platform to bring solar energy to more Americans.
We look forward to working closely with Enerparc.
Support the company\'s future development in the United States. S.
Demand for solar power remains strong. ”Enerparc U. S.
100 MW has been deployed, which makes it a fairly small player at the moment.
So far, its German parent company has installed 2,500 MW.
Net assets are $4.
7 billion, the current leader of the family, kefield Kirk Kristian Sen, has the ability to supercharge the building --
At Enerparc, reach the CSR value of the company, increase the tax credit, and reduce the electricity bill if selected.
Buying toy companies for solar developers?
That makes sense.
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