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how to fix your injection machine -

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
The main components are made up of fuel filters, air filters, fuel pumps, throttle body and nozzles/syringes.These parts determine the survival of the injection system.1.The fuel filter handling starts with the fuel filter because you never know if the tank is dirty or clean.
The treatment method is to clean the fuel filter with the help of the wind with high pressure.This component is generally located inside the cabin and is made of metal.If it is too dirty, you have to replace a new one, because if it is allowed to continue, then the damage can be transferred to the gas station.
The indicator light makes a noisy sound and the sound is unstable.The fuel pump is usually very expensive, so we have to take care of it often.2.The nozzle should be cleaned regularly.The purpose of cleaning the nozzle is to make the direction and shape of the nozzle ideal.
Low quality gasoline can cause small nozzle holes to clog.No need to remove the nozzle when cleaning the nozzle.You should mix the clean chemical solution into the gas tank.
Gasoline and chemical solutions mix and flow into the nozzle to scrape away dirt.3.The throttle body is also prone to dirt.There is less symptom response when pulling the engine.Even the accumulated dirt on the throttle position sensor can cause weakness at rest.
Dirt in the air is sucked into the combustion chamber;Therefore, the cleanliness of the throttle body is largely dependent on the maintenance of the air filter.Clean the throttle body using liquid spray for sale in the store.Select the cleaning solution recommended by the injection molding machine.
The trick is to spray through the end of the throttle body when the engine is still.Keep the speed of the engine so as not to crash, so that the cleaner can enter the entire gap of the throttle body.This process is used to clean the combustion chamber.
Spray cleaning fluid can turn off the engine for about 10-15 minutes.Continue to turn the engine back and increase the engine speed to the maximum speed (6,000 rpm-6500 rpm).The remaining dirt or dirt in the throttle body and fuel will be wasted by the exhaust gas.
If the machine is equipped with sensors that control the airflow, then do not lose the intake pipe.Spray the cleaner through the respirator in the intake pipe.The next step is to perform the same procedure on a machine without an air flow sensor.
One very important thing about CO is the process of setting up CO (carbon monoxide) when turning off this light treatment.Use the engine Analyzer as a measuring device.These measurements are intended to determine the combustion process in the engine, whether it is valid or not.
Ideally, the CO value should be below 1%.
If not, then reset in the gasoline supply system, air and ignition.I hope the above tips will be useful to those who have injection molding machines
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