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how to choose a die cutting machine -

by:YESHINE     2020-06-12
Reservations and cards-Production is a popular hobby that young people and adults like.Custom cards add a unique feeling that can\'t be found commerciallyprepared cards.If you think you are buying a lot of wealth in cutting and designing for your scrapbook hobby, maybe you can consider investing in a dead --cuttingmachine.Deciding on a die-cutting machine that best suits you doesn\'t need to be a difficult task.Here are some things to consider: 1.Your budget.Almost all die-The price of the cutting machine is over $300.You should determine how much you are prepared to invest so that you have a benchmark cost range.A lot of people died.The cost of cutting machines is high, but they include some features that are not visible in cheap versions.Keep this in mind so you can change your budget appropriately.If there is no target for cash, turn this part to other factors.2.Your technical skillsThere are two kinds of cutting machines, manual and electronic.Manual machines are the easiest, but they are subject to reasonable limitations in terms of design and functionality.In addition, they are not suitable for children due to potential safety hazards.On the other hand, electronic products are easier and usually have more functions and design choices.They can indeed be further divided into two types: ink cartridges-Based on and softwarebased.Cartridge-Faster model-based useYou can insert the cartridge and start cutting.Software-Machine-based machines will require you to design first using computer software before you start cutting.It\'s great for experienced individuals and people who want to design it carefully.Needless to say, machines like Cricut expressions can use both languages at the same time.3.If you plan to use a separate craft area then you can get a bigger moldCutting machine suitable for mass production.However, if you are only going to use it yourself, then you can choose a smaller, convenient machine as Cricut imagined.4.Your craft requires you to be sure why you want to die.Cutting machine.Just because you want to cut your design?Are you going to use it on a large scale?Wedding invitations, greeting cards, etc?Maybe you\'re going to start your own craft business.Cuts in scrapbook and card making.If this is the case, you need a dedicated device to handle such a quantity without a failure or bump.5.The kind of material you plan to cut some moldWhen it comes to the material it can cut, the function of the cutting machine is limited.Some people can only paper-cut, while others can paper-cut a variety of materials including vinyl, felt, chip board and fabric.Knowing what material you will eventually cut will help you choose which moldThe cutting machine to getChoose the Best moldFor your cutting machine, you should consider your budget, your technical skills, your workspace, your production needs and the materials you plan to process.
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