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flame profile cutting machines - a few tips to maintain ...

by:YESHINE     2020-06-12

There are certainly some positive benefits to the flame cutting system.If you keep it good, you will face less deformation when cutting the metal plate.The cutting quality will be good, fast cutting is possible, and the operating cost will be reduced in the end.Check the regular points that help with good maintenance.Regular replacement of machine parts in flame profile cutting machines is the right strategy.If the small part is replaced regularly, it will do you a lot of good instead of replacing the whole torch later.If the damaged part continues to be used, then an uncontrolled arc will appear in the plasma machine, which will cause the torch to fail.You can think of how to understand the logo of used machine parts.The continued devalued condition of cutting quality is the first sign to tell you that your machine is in poor condition.Visual inspection of these machines is also necessary.If the nozzle shows signs of any oxide residue inside the machine, or sees the hollow part inside the machine., Can only be detected by visual inspection.When you use a flame cutter, checking the electrodes is also part of your work.You have to check the twist part of the electrode element.Determining the gas is an important part of the electrode inspection.For oxygen, the point should not exceed 3/32, and the point should not exceed 1/8 for ar or nitrogeninch-Deep positions need to be placed in the twist section.The correct assembly technology can guarantee the life of the flame torch.With proper alignment and close-fitting installation, the torch will ensure long-term operation.If the appropriate metal cutting sheet is used in accordance with the manual, it can ensure that your torch runs for a long time.The torch line should always be kept clean.Make sure the seating area in the torch is not contaminated.Accurate metal cutting depends on the cutting current and the plasma gas used to work.The manual provided on behalf of the operator can ensure that the cutting work of various types is carried out normally.The next point is never to ignore the correct number of amps, which is also a determinant.The flow and pressure of gas and coolant flow should be checked every day.If the flow efficiency of the coolant is low, it takes time for the machine parts to cool down.In order to keep the cutting arc, constant gas pressure is very needed.Always keep these flame profile cutting machines well maintained.Regularly check the machine parts and gas flow, and most importantly, buy these machines from an experienced Machine Company.Now we see a sharp increase in metal productivity.
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