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fixing machines vs. starting over at equipment auctions

by:YESHINE     2020-06-09
It never fails-
Your knees are stuck in plastic sticky material, the \"injection molding machine failure\" light is on and the whole operation is stopped.
You tell the man to take five dollars to hit the candy machine, but putting it back on the boat could mean hours and headaches, or it could mean a quick flip of the switch.
Just like the check engine lights for your vehicle, this is a notice that can cause disaster or minor problems.
When you know how to fix it yourself, knowing the difference can save you the price of the mechanic.
On the other hand, the sooner you know that the machine is cooked, the sooner you start the auction of replacement equipment.
When the light appears, check with the operator to find out what the fault is and under what circumstances.
Is there any special exception before failure?
Is there any smoke or other unusual smell?
Has the equipment been misused?
Is there any change in operation?
Take a deep look at the whole picture to see if the machine has been damaged.
Is the hydraulic system loose or weak?
Does the injection molding machine have obvious interference signals?
Check all pressure gauges to ensure normal.
Also check if the filter, alarm and interlock are working properly.
If you can\'t get the machine back online with your own people and the alert notification doesn\'t go away, know when to ask for help, consider consulting a mechanic who specializes in injection molding machines.
You can usually contact a person by emergency notice within a few hours. Time is money.
The longer the machine is down, the more attractive the profit will be.
Every machine has time to scrap, just like the rest of us.
Injection molding machines have their own life, and sometimes there are not many repairs that can revive them from the dead.
Know when to buy fresh.
You have your own choice.
You can buy new ones, but you may find more affordable alternatives from the equipment auction.
In this recession, so many enterprises entered the market, and the auction of equipment was very rich.
Finding cheap injection molding machines is as simple as finding empty warehouses in Detroit. New or Used?
Depending on your usage, decide whether to buy a new machine or simply use an old one.
In most cases, in the equipment auction, you will find a more affordable option on the injection molding machine.
You can usually keep them in good shape with a small fraction of the new fees you pay.
There are often quite good injection molding machines available for equipment auctions.
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