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YESHINE abc New forming press machine get quote luggage company
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DOther Supporting Machine

When you produce luggage in production, it still need other supporting machines, like Raw Material Mixer, Plastic Recycle/ Crusher Machine, Cooling Tower, Vacuum Pump, Air Compressor, Air Receiver , Sewing Machine, Rivet Machine etc.More details, please contact us in details.

01 Sewing Machine


We have various designs of sewing machines in production,
which has widely used for hard shell luggage,leather bag,leather suitcase, car inner decoration,sewing tent,chair, cushion, etc production.


02 Rivet Machine

This Machine is suitable for riveting cases and bags,leather products.fumiture.babycarriers and so on.


03 Cooling Tower

Industrial quality cooling tower. This machine is working together with plastic sheet extruder machine, to cool down the water & let the sheet machine work stable.
It is designed to economic, energy saving and low noise ,it is the huge advance in industry.  We take glass fiber reinforced plastics as the materials of cooling tower.
It is widely used for plastic, electronics, food, textile, chemicals, packing industrial and so on.

BLOCK 6075

05 Plastic crusher machine

This Machine is mainly used to grind,crusher and recycle the sheet to particles block,
which has been widely used for plastic sheet extruder machine and injection machine.



06 Luggage Aluminum Bending Machine

This Machine is suitable for round corner folding of special-shaped metal sections metal Frameword,Aluminum Fame for luggage, suitcase,trolley bag,furniture trim strips
and sanitary ware etc. The folding of different sizes and specifications of metal sections is available for being adjustable with related moulds,  
including folding of double sides and corners.Also two operators are available at the same time to improve work efficiency and size precision.


07 Luggage Wheel Tester Machine

This Machine is suitable for testing fatigue resistance in simulating condition and impact life of whell shafts.


Luggage Impact Tester Machine

This Machine is suitable for all luggage accessories comprehensive test, including luggage trolley, handle, wheel etc.

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