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Maintenance of CNC planer machine of simple steps

by:YESHINE     2020-07-03
Using CNC planer machine, in order to guarantee the normal work of the machine, reduce the guide rail, ball screw, tool wear, all activities of the machine parts, shall be fully correct lubrication on schedule. 1, before starting, operation manual focus lubricator, to lubrication of cutter frame activity area, twice per shift, the tube after a moving part use butter gun loaded with butter for lubrication 1 times a week. 2, operation, workbench hydraulic clamp groove on the iron filings and other debris must be removed clean. 3, machine tool often keep it clean. 4, shaver, programming feed amount shall not be too big, lest damage tools and unstable pressure material. 5, the injection pressure oil must be filtered to ensure clean oil ( Regular inspection, pressure oil metamorphism need to change) 6, different machine relative to the pressure oil model should be used. Share from wuxi quality machinery. 7, under normal working condition, the oil surface should be kept in the oil dipstick two-thirds, should not be below the red line.
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