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Luggage Handle fatigue test machine

Product description: This machine performs reciprocating fatigue test on the pull rod of luggage.

In the test, the test piece will be stretched to test the clearance, looseness, connecting rod failure, deformation, etc.

generated by the pull rod. New pull rod lock test function, which can test pull rod lock fatigue and comprehensive test separately! 

Motor type: sectional test and electrodeless pull rod test can be realized according to the actual requirements of customers, 

and the displacement and time of tension and compression can also be set according to the requirements of customers. 

According to the standard: QB/T2919-2007 QBT 2155-2010

Product specification: 

1. Control mode: PLC control, man-machine interface operation mode.

2. Sample fixing device. Bag fixing clamp seat 

3. Pull rod holder with automatic opening and closing device of pull rod lock

4. Pull rod motion device, the test power is servo motor synchronous belt drive. It can move back and forth at a speed (0-30 times / min) and set the pause time in the test process 

5. Test stroke: 20 ~ 100cm adjustable, displacement recording device, record and set displacement, and the tolerance is controlled within ± 1mm 

6. The height of the support frame shall not be less than 1500mm, and the pull-out and press in travel guide rails shall be installed 

7. The pull rod lock switch device can be installed according to the different form or position of the pull rod lock 

8. It can be tested in sections 

9. It has the function of automatically recording the pulling times 

10. Pull rod and pull rod lock can be tested at the same time 

11. Stretching speed: 0 ~ 30cm / sec, adjustable 

12. Compression speed: 0 ~ 30cm / sec, adjustable 

13. Test times: 1 ~ 999999 Automatic shutdown 

14. Test power: servo motor 

15. Machine size: 120 * 120 * 210cm 

16. Machine weight: 180kg 

17. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

Luggage Handle fatigue test machine
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