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year in review: the best crowdfunding projects of 2017

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
2017 almost in the history book, this is another great year for crowdfunding.
Are you interested in e-commerce?
Bicycle, 3D printerI. Y.
The toilet of the project or cat;
You can find anything you are searching for on the pages of Indiegogo and Kickstarter.
What is our favorite project this year?
We\'re glad you asked us!
When you think of the most innovative crowdfunding campaign of the year, it is likely that long before you imagine a project involving ink, you are already imagining robots or future cars.
However, the people behind Graviky Labs have won our support by turning air pollution into something you can really write about with their unique way to recycle air pollution. The Air-
The ink Kickstarter event promises five different types of ink
Covers applications ranging from fabric and outdoor paint to screen printing, oil painting and marking.
OK, we\'ll admit this: calling a bike helmet \"foldable\" doesn\'t give you confidence.
But the cover helmet is a bit awesome.
While it provides the necessary protection when it\'s on your noggin, once you take it off, its unique design allows it to fold and easily fit into the backpack
\"Our research tells us that there is no \'Trouble with helmets.
Creator Sam Terry told Digital Trends: \"One reason cyclists choose not to wear helmets, and safety issues prevent many commuters from riding bicycles together . \".
In fact it looks good too, it\'s just a bonus!
The idea of building a flush toilet for a cat may sound ridiculous, but any cat owner who has spent too long cleaning the bin may appreciate its subtle genius.
Called Catolet (
Because of course it is)
The device includes an intelligent porous conveyor system that sits on top of your beloved Fido.
Urine passes through the belt while solid waste is delivered to the main basin after completion
Determine in motion sensors that the business is over.
The solid then enters the sewer through the shredder.
The only embarrassing thing you have to do is explain to the tourists.
Its name may sound a bit out of place, but Rubbee X is expected to be one of the most bike-friendly Kickstarters of the year.
This is a light conversion device that allows any ordinary bicycle to be electrically modified.
The CEO of Rubbee, Gediminas Nemanis, told Digital Trends: \"Rubbee X provides electric assistance to the back tire directly through the electric friction roller . \".
\"It has modular batteries to expand the rides, regenerative braking, not a single wire.
We track the pedal mode by installing a small wireless sensor on the pedal crank.
In this way, we know when and how much additional support is provided to the rider in real time.
No button to press;
Just step on the pedal and your power will increase by 2 to 3 times.
Pure electric auxiliary system.
\"All of a sudden, your commute to work in the new year becomes much easier.
Moai-aquarium robot cleaning your tank is one of the less enjoyable parts of the aquarium ownership.
A possible solution to this problem may be glass Moai
Automatically push the cleaning robot around your tank and scrub the algae as it goes.
It can also monitor the pH value, salinity, ORP, temperature, etc. of the fish tank, and can also monitor the 1080p video of your fish . . . . . . When you are not at home, no matter what the fish does.
Why buy handheld video game devices when you can build it yourself?
This is the philosophy behind Makerbuino, an open-
SOURCE Handheld eight
Some game devices (or your kids)
Can do it yourself.
Makerbuino shipped as a kit with all the electronic components and instructions you need to assemble and program the finished unit.
While it won\'t play the latest Call game soon, it does have an archive of vintage games --
Also, you can make the game yourself if you want. No self-
Respecting game nerds should be able to resist mechanical coffee tables --
Pay tribute to the world\'s first video game.
Reproduce the classic table tennis of Atari with magnets and metal rods to control the physical game clips, this geek master work will become the center of attention for any playroom and become even more because of its presence
Hell, there\'s even a $5,000 collection aside from the Atari Legend Nolan Bushnell.
We are a big fan of 3D printing, but not every scene works.
A common pain point is how slow the process is.
This is a way that vacuum molding can speed up the workflow.
This is exactly what Vaquform started doing before the digital desktop vacuum.
The concept of the machine is to add digital intelligence to conventional vacuum forming, using an infrared probe to monitor the temperature of the plastic sheet to 0. 1-
The accuracy of degrees Celsius is designed to make your work easier with various presets, as well as some additional smart features.
It\'s a fair question to ask how smart a fire pit needs to be.
BioLite\'s fire pit answered the question with a built-in
In the fan, the fan delivers air through 51 separate nozzles, resulting in higher fire combustion efficiency, less smoke, higher temperature and less fuel.
You can even remotely control the fan via the iOS or Android BioLite Energy app, which is connected via Bluetooth.
Bean is an entry-level SLA 3D printer from manufacturers of Titan 1 and Titan 2 DLP 3D printers, offering an affordable printer with an impressive accuracy of 0. 05mm.
For those who follow at home, this is an impressive value for money.
It hasn\'t shipped yet, but if it does all the claimed things, it\'s most likely one of the 3D printers we recommend in 2018.
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