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by:YESHINE     2020-06-11
From the new project to the new factory, 1996 has brought many changes to the top 25 builders carpentry and shop fixture manufacturers.
There are some highlights here.
* Store fixture manufacturer in Weston, Ontario, North America\'s largest store fixture manufacturer, was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange on 1996.
* Hamilton fixture (2)
A320, 000, Cincinnati, Ohio-square-
Foot Building enables the company to consolidate its assembly and distribution business.
* In 1996, Providence, RI-
Based on Monarch industry(5)
Completed a $5 million casino project in 20 weeks, from construction drawing to installation.
In the spring of 1997, the company will have 100% of its business in itsnew 337,000-square-foot facility.
* At 1996, Palatine, IL-
Empire wood based(6)
Major projects completed in WashingtonC. , and Chicago.
In 1997, the company plans to carry out a comprehensive transformation of its business software and add new computer estimation and work cost calculation software.
* In addition to appearing in wood and wood products (January 1997)
, Tarante interior (8)
In Fort Worth, Texas, a new cnc router, edgebandard, and a large paint booth have been added.
Tarrant plans to add two panel saws and a manufacturing software system in 1997.
* Paris, Texas, January 1997-based Rodgers-Wade Mfg. Co. (9)
Purchased by Leggett & Platt. * Dundas, ONT-
Headquartered in the Valley City Mfg. Co. Ltd. (10)
Got the biggest contract ever, the Federal Court of Portland.
The company recorded sales in 1995 and 1996 and said it plans to focus on court projects in 1997.
* Palo Alto & Raffaelli Limited. (11)of Mt.
Prospect, IL, won the biggest contract ever in 1996.
The company also made a major purchase in its store and automated the estimation department.
* Environmental company(12)
In Minnetonka, MN, a68, 000-square-
Foot manufacturing, finishing and storage facilities near existing factories.
* Sun Prairie, WI-
Based on the famous fixing device (13)
An alliance with a West Coast company to enter the market.
In 1997, the company plans to complete 12% of its sales on the west coast and plans to ship from the plant to the Far East.
The company is expected to establish a partnership with a company on the East Coast.
The company plans to achieve record shipments in 1997.
* Mirah/wood products (14)
Edison, New Jersey, has installed a computer network connecting the offices of New Jersey and Illinois.
* Midhattan woodworking company. (14)
The old bridge of New Jersey completed three projects in 1996. * Atlanta, GA-
Headquarters in Abrams fixture(14)
The organization\'s \"re-engineering\" was completed, including the procurement of equipment and the re-engineering of factory processes.
The company plans to invest in new facilities in the fall of 1997. * Los Angeles-
Based on standard cabinet Engineering (17)
Complete the presentation at five stores and high stores in Bloomingdale
End the woodwork at aLawry\'s restaurant.
The company has opened a sales office in Las Vegas to serve the gaming industry.
In 1997, the company plans to purchase panel saws and processing centers in a hotel and casinoand. * Hird/Blaker (17)
A corporate bank headquarters in Bronx, New York, has completed a $3 m project. (See page 56. )* T. J. Hale (17)
At Menomonee Falls on WI, four stores on the west coast of brumingdal and 23 Kohl\'s are completed.
Purchase system software and CNC router/machining center on 1997 plan.
* Bernhard Wood Products Co. , Ltd. (22)
Completed in Northbrook, IL.
The long-term project in 1996, the most striking is 8-
Story renovation of Marshall Field Water Tower.
Place department store in Chicago
In 1997, the company plans to double its Northbrook plant in IL.
It will increase the mechanical equipment, transform the assembly area, and increase the automatic processing system. * Sanford, ME-
Based in millock(24)
Combine purchasing, production planning and scheduling departments into one department.
It is transferred to the team production system.
At 1997, it is expanding its facilities by 40,000 square feet.
* Jifen interior decoration Equipment Co. , Ltd. (25)
Bridgeville of PA merged its office business.
Plan to complete a5 500-square-
Foot increases for machining and panel saws, machining centers, edgeband, pin inserts, cash clips, bar codes and other software will be added.
It also plans to set up a training program for skilled workers and continue to computerize the company.
Other industry leaders of Hollywood wood products
In Hollywood, FL, together with its joint venture partners, produced a $5 million building wood product for the federal court in Minneapolis.
* Meyer and rundar Mfg. Co.
With the addition of the new panel saw, AZ Phoenix continues to modernize.
It also redesigned the space and implemented \"V\" slotting.
* MN Wyoming\'s main fixtures and wood products introduced the work team concept in its production area in 1996.
It also updated the It CADsystem.
For 1997, the company plans to add software and bar codes to buy a pointto-
Rework the production line to enhance the team concept.
* Design and manufacture of Woodmasters. Corp.
Addison, IL, set up a new national factory installation company with a lease of 10,000-square-footbuilding.
In 1997, the company is expected to grow by 25%, more construction projects and more computer and computer processing.
* Dear store fixtures (
No ranking because sales data is not provided)
AR\'s paragold celebrated its 100 anniversary in 97.
Last year, Darlington completed several major projects including more than 40 wireless communication operators.
It also designs and manufactures timber and metal kiosks that operators purchase for placement and staffing in leased spaces 1, 230 Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart stores across the United StatesS.
L. , Darling\'s parent company. A. Darling Co.
At the beginning of this year, Brazil acquired two companies: Eletrofrio S. A.
Supplier of retail store equipment and Compass Ltda.
International Trading Corporation.
* ISEC of Colorado Springs became international wood products company
At the end of 1996
A company spokesman said the company essentially shifted its focus to a work store.
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