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what is plastic injection molding?

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
All of these materials start with plastic particles.
These particles are fed into one of the large molding machines, which usually weigh about 25 tons.
The machine heats the plastic until the liquid.
The liquid then enters the mold through the syringe.
These molds can be made in almost any shape or size.
Simply put, injection molding is the process of pushing the melted plastic into the cavity.
After the plastic is cooled, the part can pop up.
It is useful when the part is too complex or when the cost is too high.
With this process, many parts can be made from the same mold at the same time.
There are usually six steps in the process: 1.
Clamping: There are three parts of the machine.
Molds, fixtures and injection devices.
The clamping unit keeps the mold at a certain pressure, which ensures the uniformity of the output unit.
The mold is usually made up of two parts. 2.
Injection Device: plastic particles are loaded into the hopper at the top of the injection device.
The particles are fed into the main cylinder;
This is where they are heated until they are liquefied.
There is a screw inside the injection unit that turns and mixes the plastic.
Once this liquid plastic reaches the best state of the product, the injection process begins.
The plastic is forced through the gate and the pressure and speed are controlled by screws or ram, depending on the type of machine. 3.
Residence: this is a pause in the process while applying some pressure to ensure that all cavities are fully filled.
This is very important in the process, because if the mold is not filled properly, it will cause the unit to be scrapped. 4.
Cooling: this part of the process allows the mold to cool in the required time.
If done too fast, these devices will stick together or deform once they are out of the machine. 5.
Mold opening: The mold is separated by the mold opening unit.
Use the mold over and over;
They are often the most important part of the process.
Tooling for molds can be very expensive. 6.
Top Out: Top out the finished product from the injection molding machine.
The finished product usually continues on the production line, or the parts that are used as larger products are stacked on the production line, E. G. g.
Steering wheel of car.
We use injection molded products every day.
Many cars wouldn\'t be so affordable if it weren\'t for injection molding, but the process has some drawbacks.
The machine is very expensive and involves a high capital investment, the design of the parts must remember the production process, which is not economical for the short-term operation of the product.
However, the disadvantage is that
Taking into account the greater advantages, the manufacturing speed of the parts, the low labor cost, the minimum waste of materials and the finished parts usually do not require more processing.
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