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What are CNC planer slot tools and installation and debugging matters needing attention

by:YESHINE     2020-07-08
CNC planer slot tools is made up of many parts, so be sure to check when installing equipment state, and in strict accordance with the steps, at the same time pay attention to safety when installation and debugging, installation and debugging process of CNC planer machine mold. 1, the adjustment of the machine, before install, the first thing to adjust the machine performance, the process must be patient and careful to check the machine is used with ash and iron particles, such as the necessary cleaning, in order to reduce the trouble later. 2, stroke adjustment, pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and check module is normal, the proportion of the up and down in a normal route for module to control the switch point, you must be aware of this. 3, stroke the adjustment of the module, which is in view of the limit point adjustment module, the module on to the top, the switch is set up, and set aside the slider position, at the same time when the next to slow module, to better protect the machine and mold. Is 4, the adjustment of the gap, the main measurement module and the module in the distance, the specific gap setting is set according to the folding plate. 5, the adjustment of the Angle, the Angle adjustment has a certain relationship with the product, generally folds 90 & deg; Mould, then must be greater than the Angle on both sides of the middle Angle, then its elastic can be done according to the adjusting screw, when bending, can be through the pressure gauge pressure adjustment, avoid blade mould crack.
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