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the development of cnc cutting machine industry

by:YESHINE     2020-06-12
China\'s CNC cutting machine business started late, supported by the needs of downstream processing business, the overall scaleThe development and growth of enterprises, enhanced comprehensive strength, further increase in international visibility.Although our CNC machine tool industry and production are heterogeneous, production is growing and the whole business is developing rapidly.In addition to the current, there are still several companies in the intensive business model.Excessive competition leads to serious homogenization of products and meager profit margins;However, the events of many businesses are additional.Within the low-In the unfavorable market environment of price competition, several domestic manufacturers and the whole company seem to have no technological innovation, rely heavily on advanced foreign technology, lack of core competitive power.At the same time, labor prices have risen, not to mention the rise in materials has greatly increased the price pressure on several businesses.Intensive development model should be the development direction of cutting machine enterprises in China in the future.To change the direction of development, to achieve the transformation from intensive to intensive, that is, to changetech, low-level, low-cost-The model of high capital content, high management level, high economic quality and high economic effectiveness is effective.First of all, we want to change their ideas, build an idea for long-term development, and set possible goals and plans.At the same time, the CNC cutting machine enterprises also need to start from the value competition and actively turn to internal work.Focusing on the improvement of product structure, the improvement of product quality, the mastery and innovation of core technology, or because the company\'s overall impact on growth.Of course, this series of changes in the enterprise requires additional funds.Multi-Channel enhanced operational efficiency intensive management is the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and the route of intensive development,input, high-Generate business objectives and efforts, which require correction from all aspects by cutting machine tool companies.On the one hand, in order to avoid the waste of human resources and time, enterprises must often improve the management level, improve performance management, optimize the division of labor structure, optimize the internal competition mechanism, and improve the technical quality of workers.On the contrary, CNC cutting machine companies may need to perform complex operations, skillfully develop pc network engineering and improve operational effectiveness through improved workplace tools.
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