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spindle type of cnc router

by:YESHINE     2020-06-11
CNC machine tool spindle is an important part of CNC machine tool.
The whole cnc equipment is very concerned about its performance.
Now let\'s learn more about the spindle type.
As usual, the spindle motor is divided into two spindle types: precision finishing spindle and high power cutting spindle. 1.
Precision finishing spindle:)
Features: cnc spindle motor is usually high
Variable frequency motor;
Power is usually less than 250 W. b)
Advantages: small noise, fast speed and high precision. c)
Disadvantages: not good at cutting thick parts.
In addition, we know that the cutting capacity is also closely related to your cutting machine configuration and the right cutting bit. d)
Purpose: especially suitable for the processing of very fine workpieces such as seals, nameplates, badges, gifts, etc. 2.
High-power cutting spindle :(1)
Main purpose: this spindle type is mainly used for cutting thick materials and cooperating with high-power engraving processing. it is especially good at 2D/3D letter cutting and engraving, and can also make chest cards, name labels, seals, etc; (2)
Advantages: high power, strong cutting ability; (3)
According to the specialty of the motor, the high-power cutting spindle can usually be divided into brushless variable frequency AC motor and brushed AC motor;
The main difference is:)
Speed: The speed of the brushless frequency AC motor is fast, and the whole speed range is as large as 70060000 RPM;
The maximum speed of the ordinary brush AC motor does not exceed 24000 RPM; b)
The brushless variable frequency motor has high precision, small wear and noise;
The working noise is much lower than the Brush Motor. c)
Brushless motor with lock-
Rotor properties: because the sensor has a specific current-
Limit the circuit, so the rotation blockage for a short period of time will not burn the motor;
However, when the operation is overloaded or the rotor is blocked, the Brush Motor will smoke and burn out quickly and cannot be recovered. d)
The original motor adopts frequency conversion speed control technology;
First-class products with long life, free replacement of any faulty parts, warranty for 1 year;
Easy maintenance by changing heightspeed bearing;
For the latter motor, a very limited 300-hour electric Zagreb life will have to be replaced with an AC motor or a carbon brush, so usually the carbon brush motor is not guaranteed even for 1 day! 3.
After understanding the above information, we know that in addition to your CNC Machine Tool configuration, such as lathe bed bearing capacity, stability, Assembly Technology, in order to ensure satisfactory processing effect and good cost-effective moving speed, engraving strength and other factors, we also need to select the most suitable spindle type and cnc router drill bit according to your work needs. 4.
Choosing the right cnc tool can sometimes maximize productivity.
Different material quality, different hardness, equipped with different tools and router sets.
The woodworking micro vertical mill can not be used for granite slotting, and the professional stone carving tools can not do a good job in completing the mid-fiber plate/acryl 3D relief engraving.
Only under the guidance of professional and technical personnel and under the correct operation method, all parts of the whole machine can cooperate with the spindle and do a good job together.
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