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laco gets good reception with nested manufacturing plan: laco woodworks uses nested-based manufacturing to help optimize the production of its custom creations.

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Slightly] IllustrationsNested-
Basic manufacturing is no longer an area of mass production.
Ask Laco Woodworks Inc.
A alabaster.
Headquartered in custom manufacturers of commercial and residential cabinets, cases and building processing, the technology has been successfully combined to optimize the production of reception, cabinets and other laminated cases.
Commercial work accounted for nearly 85% of laco\'s projects.
According to Bob Cole, president of Laco, the company caters to a number of different markets, including: healthcare, banking, judicial offices, educational and religious institutions.
Cole added that the use of high
Technical equipment and software enable Laco Woodworks to comply with the strict deadlines required by these industries, while helping companies maintain quality control and optimize production and material use.
CNC machinery]also]
\"This allows me to bring in different types of labor,\" Cole said . \".
\"It allows access-
Level workers enter the custom woodworking industry--
Become an experienced carpenter.
\"The larger plant allows about 70 people to work in Laco Woodworks, including installers and office staff, and the company will be at 87,000-square-
Including improvements to the ground layout of the plant and the addition of new equipment.
When we moved here in 1990 ,[it]
We have space for CNC equipment.
We bought the first CNC saw. to-
Pauline machine--
\"We have just blossomed since then,\" Cole said . \". [
Slightly] Illustrations
Although the company has taken an old path since its establishment as Laco blinds and cabinets in 1965, it has not forgotten its roots. \"My Dad [A. W. Cote]
The company was founded and some interior blinds were made.
\"From there it evolved into cabinets and wood products,\" explains Cote . \". Although A. W.
Cole said he officially retired in 1976 and continues to be active today.
The company officially changed its name from Laco blinds and cabinets to Laco wood products in the early days
1980 to better reflect the diversity of its work, Cole said.
White continues to produce solid blinds, window frames and molded materials, most of which are now business cases, including reception furniture and desks, cabinets and building wood products.
Recent projects include: Scout headquarters in Birmingham, AL;
Piemont Women\'s Center in Rock Hill, SC;
The women\'s health center, the South Tower expansion project and the St.
Vincentshospender in Birmingham, AL;
Etowah County prison in AL Gadsden;
And the city court of Tuscaloosa in Tuscaloosa
In addition, Laco also produces components such as shelves, custom baskets and product displays for OEMs.
The company is also a factory.
Solid surface certification manufacturers for all major brands and distribution of Marlite building panels for Alabama and Georgia.
\"We cater to a very broad industry.
\"We have also done a number of projects and have been certified,\" he added . \".
\"While we still do some solid wood, the biggest part of our business is melamine and high pressure laminate,\" Scott said . \".
The company bought the melamine panel but has a black brother.
Indoor Express access for laying laminate and veneer.
According to Cole, the company usually has 10 to 15 items in the store at any given time.
Depending on the size and complexity of the project, it may take 4 to 12 weeks for the average project.
In order to cut the size, the panel is sent to one of the two Holzma panel saws, and the company plans to add a third saw after completing the latest expansion.
AFravol or Homag single after the panel size is determined-apply a straight line edge seal
Side edgebandard equipped with Ligmatechmaterial material handling system, white Fraser roll profile bandard for application-
Mill PVC to round edge.
The Fravol banders all have injuries, while the equipment provided by Homag and Ligmatech Stell machinery.
From there, the panel is processed on one of the two DMG Busellatopoint-to-
Point boring machine with routing function.
DMG/Omal HBD for drilling and pin insertion.
The company creates processing code using Microvellum and Trakware software and tracks the production process and inventory.
Although Laco Woodworks has significantly improved its panel processing capabilities through CNC saw and drilling equipment, potential bottlenecks are beginning to form.
In order to get some work load from the saw line, the company recently invested in a new DMG busellatjet 400 rt cnc router that is only used to perform nesting with the old Komo Mach 510CNC router-Based on processing. \"I bought the [CNC router]
Our aim is to take some toad clams from the saw so that we can do other, important projects.
\"The cncncncnsting router allows us to expand our product capabilities without interfering with the production process,\" said Cole . \".
For example, Cole cites how nesting of two complete bookstores saves time and money for the company.
\"It will take a week to run all the panels, but at the end of that week we have an order ready for $60,000,\" he said . \".
\"The reason we get some work is because we are able to finish the quantity and finish it on time.
\"With this, you can also get better production and a high level of happiness,\" he added . \".
Touters\'s nesting capabilities also enable the company to provide additional features
Pay attention to the service of its case work.
For example, \"at the nurse station, we will make removable panels to hide where we have wired for electronic devices.
Not only does it make it easier for contractors, but it looks better.
\"Although the vast majority of Laco\'s projects involve panel processing, it is estimated that 15 to 20% of its work is solid wood processing.
In addition to the molding capability performed on Weinig moulder, the company\'s range of equipment includes: aRaimann straight line corrugated saw, Powermatic saw, automatic V-GroovingV-
Grover and Aku
The system is diagonally connected, connected and picked up.
LacoWoodworks grinds its own pattern using the Weinig Rondamat tool grinder. One-
As a custom woodworking stop shopping, Laco Woodworks will not receive from low as a mass producer-cost imports.
\"We are foreign players,therefore]
Can have a better profit.
This is a challenge for anyone, but we are lucky to be able to stand [as we are]. . .
We can serve contractors. for jobs]
It\'s about $1,000, or $2. 7 million.
\"It is also helpful that we provide a contractor with
Cole said he mentioned Laco woodworks\'s ability to manufacture extended processing, solid wood and solid wood surfaces.
The company\'s ability to \"go beyond\" also includes design and layout.
In addition to making prototypes, \"with our software, we are able to design and arrange tables,\" said Cole.
\"This allows architects and contractors to more accurately configure the location of furniture and wires, as well as the impact of structural elements (such as related) on the layout. [
Slightly] IllustrationsOn the St.
Vincent\'s Hospital project, for example, \"we were able to build our [casework]
After a few months everything was ready and assembled. [The time saved]
\"This makes the contractor budget inadequate, ahead of schedule,\" Cole said . \".
\"This is a good example of how the owners, architects, contractors and excellent subcontractors work together to make things better.
\"Today\'s technology is helpful. \" [
Slightly] Illustrations
Since its inception in 1965, Laco Woodworks has been a manufacturer of wood blinds and cables and has developed into a very successful manufacturer of custom commercial and residential cabinets as well as building wood products.
The company\'s business programs are for a wide range of clients, including clients in healthcare, education, office/paperwork, religious and judicial segments. Three Keys 1. Nested-
Manufacturing-based Laco Woodworks is able to optimize the output of panel processing operations and expand itscapability without affecting the flow of the production line.
About 85% of the company\'s projects are formelamine and/or high-
Pressure laminated panel. 2.
Laco Woodworks has invested high
Technical equipment to increase production.
In addition to the two CNC routers used for nesting, the company also uses point-to-
Point machining center, panel saw, computer curling machine and Pin Insertion machine.
Planned expansion of the facility will include
The layout of the factory, as well as the purchase of new machines. 3.
The land transfer office has compiled LEED for handling cases and wood products-
Certification project.
The company has also been AWI certified and factory certified to install solid surfaces of all major brands. www. lacowoodworks.
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