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iwf 2002 show stoppers. (i - m).

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UV surface treatment IC & S distribution discount Ilva-America\'s UV-
Curedtechnology, the finish line of heccalad.
The company said that the production line in
Pan-Yellow Transparent uv coating.
No single. (717)391-6250 www. ics-ilva.
3325 circle 547 CNC machining center IMA USA
IMA America offers gantry BIMA P480V-
CNC machining center.
It is equipped with two tables, one spindle with an18-
Position tool converter with optional T-, horizontal and vertical drilling and other tool aggregation
Mold application.
Its design allows the placement of machine heads on both sides of the bridge, which can be welded or capped on both tables at the same time. (616)656-9021 www. imaamerica.
Com booth 7806 circle 548 molded ITW Plastiglide Mfg. Corp.
ITW Plastiglide offers high profile bumpers T-
Molded from wearVinyl resistant.
The company says the decorative mold can withstand bad weather. to-
Many requirements are met.
It is available in various sizes and colors. (310)885-
4500 booth 1266 circle 549 wood parts India National
Indian state supplies wood parts to furnitureof-
Sourcing and packaging manufacturers.
The company\'s new 150,000-sq-
The Ft factory produces a wide range of products, including retail, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and batten walls and displays of RTA furniture. (607)467-3801 www.
National Corporation of India
Com booth 3751,6763 circle 550 3-
D. Italian Table 3-United States of America for laminated press
D laminated press from US Italpresse has positive pressure, film-less 3-
D lamination of PVC, Kydec and other thermoforming films.
It can be equipped with 3-3 film
Laminated wood veneer and HPL.
From a single tray to a straight through tray, it has many different configurationsfeed carousel.
It also has an optional half
Automatic pin seat system. (941)639-2100 www. italpresseusa.
The Com Booth 5152 round 551 drawer clamp JLT fixture provides pneumatic drawer clamp.
The capacity of the clip is 8 in. by 24 in. by 36 in.
The foot is activated;
The company says the replacement of drawers of different sizes is fast and simple.
According to the company, this is a machine that is suitable for the structure of the Yanwei or similar style drawer. (845)452-3854 www. jltclamps.
Com booth 4852 circle 552 Hot Press Joos USA Inc.
The size of the Joos HP series presses ranges from 4 to 8, 6 to 13, and the pressure ranges from 70 tons to 600 tons.
All machines are equipped with ABS safety system, automatic cycle control, hydraulic unit, surface of gold anode oxidation template and hot water system.
The company said the system ensures that the surface is kept below degrees Celsius and the heating time is about 15 minutes. (908)620-3900 www. joosusa.
Com Booth 8622 Circle 553 rotary screw vacuum packaging Kaeser compressor expands the production line of rotary screw vacuum packaging.
They are available in 6 models, ranging from 10 to 40 HP, with capacity ranging from 168 to 555 cfm.
They are equipped with TEFC motors, starters, etc.
They also have switchable modulation/dual control through the Simga control system and an oversized intake filter. (800)777-7873 www. kaeser.
Com booth 6873 round 554 Wood lion door key wood professional manufacturer
Lite mullion door for glass, mirror or other inserts.
In the catalog or custom design of the company, there are most styles and types of doors. (717)299-6288 www. keystonewood.
4246 circle 555 software Keytrix Data Systems
Woodwork/2001 of Keytrix Data Systems is a fully integrated parameter system with flexible architecture, allows one change to affect labor time and cost, material type and cost, machine code and selection quantity and cost, drawing selection, part and product name.
This allows all information to be updated from estimates to production at one time. (800)596-4970 www. keytrix.
Com Booth 1917 Circle 556 surface laminated Kleiberit adhesive a range of surface laminated products from Kleiberit, USA are designed to seal the smooth cardboard edges.
The company says it allows manufacturers to use very thin foil for packaging without Telegraph surface defects. (704)708-5312 www. klebchemie.
Debus 1612 circle 557 machining center Koch Co. , Ltd. sprint of machine and system Koch-Plus-L single-
Additional 3-side CNC machine features
Shaft wiring capability plus vertical and horizontal drilling, glue injection and pin insertion.
It\'s designed for small-
Bulk manufacturing of drawers and door parts.
The work area is 2,500mm. (678)444-5000 www. kochma.
Com booth 4935 circle 558 CNC router Komo Machine Inc.
The VR Mach ii s series is the latest addition to the KomoMachine CNC router series.
It has three table sizes and features 11.
Programmable Z
16-axis travelhp, 24,000-
RpmHSK 63 F spindle and 12-
Pocket tool changer with aggregatecapable. (800)643-5089 www. komo.
Com booth 8506 circle 559 vacuum cleaner Kraemer Tool & Mfg. Co.
Kraemer Tools Co. , Ltd. has introduced a new type of dust collector, model EP 532. It is a 5-
HP said the dust collector was developed to capture very fine dust.
It moves 2,137 cfm in 1-in.
Sp, there are 32 filter bags at 5.
Diameter 48 in. long.
It comes with 2 barrels of 45 gallons and a switch. (800)443-6443 www. kraemertool.
Com booth 5452 circle 560 bag hole machine Kreg Tool Company
Kreg Tool will launch Kreg Foreman pocket machine in IWF 2002. It is semi-
It has the function of pneumatic bit motor and automatic air clamping.
It is designed to bridge the manual Kreg fixture and full-
The company said the automatic DK1100 Pro Series. (800)447-8638 www. kregtool.
The Kremlin offers an HTi gravity gun with a booth of 8010 laps and 561 gravity guns.
They are equipped with a new airadjust knob and need 3/4in.
Turn to reach the entire adjustment range, there is a new locking nut on the fluid adjustment knob to maintain the ideal needle position, an aircap, allows the user to change the position of the aircap without releasing the fixed ring, as well as twopiece packing. (800)573-5554 www. kremlin.
Com Booth 1865 round 562 decorative edge Kuehn Bevel offers a decorative edge product line featuring laminate, solid surface and hardwood floor edges.
Applications in the series include countertops, tailgates, cabinet doors, desktops, drawer fronts, chair railings, and skirting boards. (800)862-
3835 www, kuehnbevel.
2425 turn 563 tool system Leitz Tooting Systems Inc.
Variant flexible tool system for Leitz tools with 3-
The point knife positioning system for locating contour knives.
It provides a constant profile and diameter and is designed to provide two to four roll knives.
It can be designed to take advantage of multiple profiles of each head or dedicated head to reduce settingsup time. (800)253-6070 www. leitztooling.
Com booth 5834 circle 564 Chuck system Leuco Toot
Leuco Tribos is a new type of power shrink Chuck for high frequency ONG machines and standard CNC machines.
The company says it has developed a chuck system based on electrical shrinkage.
The company says the new technology now makes it possible to rotate at up to 40,000 rpm. (800)433-1630 www. leucotool.
Com Booth 8240 Circle 565 moisture meter Lignomat USA Ltd. Lignomat USA recently added a needle-free moisture meter to its product.
It provides pins and pinless meters for many different applications.
The company offers mini needle watches
Ligno DX/C and MiniScanner L meter without needle. (503)257-8957 www. lignomat.
Com booth 3735 round 566 plastic machine/Sander Lobo machinery
Lobo machinery
Provide shape and sand machine for batch production of raised panels or special-shaped edge operations.
It has four columns of pressure rollers, variable feed conveyor, tilt head, 6-
Stackable spindle, digital reading and automatic feed. (562)949-3747 www. lobomachine.
Com booth 6622 circle 567 countertop edge processing LOTILOTI Corp. offers GEM-
Log, solid surface edge processing.
The company says it allows manufacturers to treat solid surfaces on amino countertops without specialized tools. (503)612-0109 www. loticorp.
Com booth 4620 circle 568 software MBI software company
MBI, a software provider in the wood processing industry, provides an integrated CAD and ERP system that provides a wide range of industry-specific applications in addition to Web information, bar codes and document management systems. (888)847-6024 www. mbisoftware.
The Poker GNG machining center from Macoser\'s ca Booth 1743 Circle 569 CNC machining center Macoser Greda was developed to perform some operations, including drilling, unlocking, digging,cutting.
This machine is equipped with five units that allow the machine to perform various operations, especially for chair and table parts.
The machine is also equipped with two fixed tables for loading and unloading materials. (800)866-5288 www. macoser.
Com Booth 6421 Circle 570 sliding table saw Martin woodworking machinery the new programmable t73 CNC sliding table saw from Martin woodworking is equipped with four CNC shafts and software, taking into account the tool size and scanning the bar code.
Martin rating saw band has the option to fully adjust the button. (866)523-3963 www. martin-usa.
Com booth 8626 Circle 571 CAD/CAM software Mastercam/CNC Software Co.
Mastercam router for CNC software is professional GAD/CAMsoftware for woodworking, furniture and plastic markets.
According to the company, it offers design and programming, efficient nesting and quick engraving.
Mastercam router provides CAD/CAM tools extended from basic plane
Sophisticated panel cutting, Art 3-D machining. (800)228-2877 www. mastercam.
Com booth 4135 circle 572 cnc mortiser Maxym Technologies.
Maxym technology
The touch screen setting function of Maxym CNC Mortiser is introduced.
The touch screen allows the operator to change the settings and retrieve the saved settings in less than 30 seconds.
Maxymmoriser is a complete 3-
Shaft machine length up to 96 in.
Longand can grind multiple openings in one piece. (800)696-2996 www. maxymtech.
Com booth 6891 circle 573 protective packaging Menasha Packaging Co. , Ltd.
Menasha corner pads and channel pads are designed to protect straight edges, round edges and corners during shipment and storage.
The pad is made of recycled materials and can be recycled. A full-
The color brochure of the Menasha series has photos and descriptions of corrugated interior protective packaging products. (800)558-7078 www. sus-rap.
Com IWF Booth 2623 Circle 574 safety glasses Mercer Abrasives manufactures a complete set of safety glasses to protect the eyes of both workers from flying particles and debris.
All styles have an impact
Nylon frame and adjustable temples.
Glasses come in several different styles with clear and gray lenses that provide UV protection.
The glasses are individually packed with hanging labels and display bar codes. (800)221-5202 www. mercertool.
Com booth 1913 circle 575 drawer press box machine Mereen-
Johnson machinesThe Mereen-
Johnson Model 99-
According to the company, the D drawer press box machine allows the production and Custom Shop to assemble the box components into finished products quickly and efficiently.
The Smallfootprint machine uses only compressed air clamping and features precision linear bearings, horizontal axis positioning, and cylinder rack locks.
The device provides a quick setup for the assembly of a wide variety of boxes that utilize joints such as docking or pin pins. (612)529-7791 www. mereen-johnson.
Com booth 8840 circle 576 euroform postformer Midwest automation EF 2400/3600 Midwest automation is a static postformingmachine automatic computer
Control the forming system, which can be deformed from top to bottom or from top to bottom in manual, custom and automatic operation mode outside the radius.
The company says the balance system provides equal pressure throughout the process to ensure tight packaging and bonding. (612)721-5347 www.
Com booth 8362 circle 577 programmable vacuum pod Multiax USA
Automatic programmable quad table (PQT)
Set from MultiaxAmerica for a rectangle of any size and have a different diameter reference station to keep the part protruding to a minimum.
Pods can be used as 30mm squares in the center of 30mm axes.
The lift height in Zaxis can be 10mm, 15mm or 20mm as required. (616)656-9884 www. multiax.
Com booth 6243 circle 578 CNC router MultiCam Inc.
MultiCam offers MT510 CNC router with a 32mm steel drill, five drills in nine X and y-axis directions and a closed air conditioning system.
It also features 35mm ball bearing profiles and two 3-
There are vacuum hoses for three pneumatic positioning stations. (972)929-4070 www. multicam.
Com booth 6481 circle 579 vacuum cleaner Murphy-Rogers\'s MRJ-
The SE dust collector for MurphyRodgers has a reverse jet system that provides automatic cleaning-the-
The asa master filter or sub-filter can be used.
The capacity of the filter bag is 88,000 cfm, which can be removed from the weatherproof housing of the collector. (323)587-4118 www. murphy-rodgers.
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