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inserts gain wider acceptance: insert tooling experts speak out about inserts, their benefits, popular misconceptions and future in the woodworking world. (digital woodworking).

by:YESHINE     2020-06-11
International Woodworking machinery and furniture supply exhibition held on August. 22-
A number of exciting product developments have been demonstrated in Atlanta, including new and improved blade cutting tools.
According to Mike Vetter, a Leitz tool company, IWF 2002 is definitely above average.
\"It\'s probably one of the best shows we \'ve ever had.
\"Despite the drop in attendance, a lot of CNC equipment has been sold,\" Vetter said . \".
He said that several carpenters who bought the machine went to the Letz booth and asked, \"What should I do now?
\"Usually they wait until the machine is delivered and plugged in and call us and say, \'I just bought a CNC router and hope to start running profile door tomorrow.
Can you send me some tools?
\"This is the lag,\" says Vetter . \".
\"People have to plan ahead what they want to do or they will be passed.
I think they have started to understand the situation.
\"In IWF, Leitz shows a new long-
Life insert tool for highvolume or low-volume runs.
\"This is a re-usable insertion system of 10 to 15 times with a constant diameter and a constant profile,\" Vetter said . \".
\"Apart from that, you can run various profiles in the same head.
\"According to Vetter, carpentry is making a mental choice to either buy a new machine or go out of business.
\"It seems that they decided to seize this opportunity,\" Vettel said . \".
\"Once they take the opportunity, the money will be earned ---
But it\'s in a package.
If they buy the most expensive machine and put the cheapest tool on it, they don\'t get the full benefit of the machine.
Chris Fortin, marketing director at gladard, said his company saw a very positive crowd at IWF.
Gladu\'s new insertproduct is a clamping and positioning system for inserting cutting head and special-shaped router bits, winning the challenger Award at IWF.
\"We are developing this product because the market needs to improve productivity,\" Fortin said . \".
\"Customers always want to go faster and save time when changing cars.
People who change knives frequently, and those who worry about downtime, use blades better than copper-welded carbide tools.
Gladu ProCentrixinserts can operate at spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm and processing speeds up to 1,200 ipm.
They can help get the maximum output from CNC routers, die presses and tenoners and greatly reduce the beat.
\"This increased turn speed provides a higher quality finish, thus reducing the sanding,\" Fortin said . \".
One of the challenges facing tool manufacturers is that the cnc Router runs very fast;
Tools that need to be designed to match.
\"Basically, people bought a Ferrari and drove it like a Chris.
So we decided to design the tires with these cars, \"Fortin explained.
\"Thanks to the clamping and positioning system, it allows the customer to operate at twice the normal speed.
\"These days, insert education starts here, and speed has always been a concern for people, but the same is true for reducing downtime and maintaining consistent quality.
\"Today the accuracy of the CNC machine is improving, and as a smart manufacturer, it is also greatly improving from our terminals,\" said Tony Colangelo, president of FS Tool . \".
\"The replicability of changing from one knife to another is greatly improved.
With the use of inspection equipment, we can achieve the tolerance that customers want.
\"The FS tool uses a CNC digital camera system to check the contour integrity as well as the size X and Y coordinates.
\"We took a digital photo of the insert, checked against the original file, and made sure that the insert was indeed meant to be produced,\" Colangelo said . \".
\"This technology certainly allows us to produce very precise blades from one knife to another, from one batch to the next.
Scott Smith, sales manager at Guhdo, said: \"The insertion tool provides consistency, especially when producing profilesUSA Inc.
\"The benefits of improving tool life and improving the quality of finished products cannot be ignored.
With a number of available grades, inserttooling is also very flexible in processing solid wood, medium fiber boards, crushing boards, plastic and solid surfaces.
\"Vetter agrees that today\'s technology can reduce downtime, improve quality, minimize sanding and ensure consistency.
His main message to those interested in inserting tools is that inserting allows users to simplify processing and reduce manufacturing costs.
According to the genetic change of the Royce/Ayr cutting tool, it seems that the insertion tool is still relatively new in the United States.
\"This is especially true in the door and window industry compared to Europe with old hats,\" Veening said . \". \"A lotof high-
Speed steel tools for making doors and windows are now replaced by insert tools for many obvious reasons.
One of them is the emergence of a large number of new levels of plug-ins that allow you to get the life space you have only dreamed of before.
\"Veening added that another advantage of inserting a tool is that the same profile is always used.
\"It\'s always the same diameter and the tools are always in the same place,\" Veening said . \".
\"Many new machines even have automatic settings in the program.
They are very consistent.
With the insert, you don\'t have to worry about flashing or adjusting when you grind the knife.
Once it fits, you just need to replace the insert and your fit will always be there.
Mike Serwa of Vortex Tool says one of the benefits of inserting a Tool is to increase the Tool life.
\"Combined carbide grade, consistency and \'like-
\"Compared with traditional brazing tools, new tool geometry and cutting edge quality, insert tools usually provide longer running time,\" Serwa said . \".
\"Another benefit is the reduction in setup and downtime. Intoday\'s high-
Machine time is a valuable commodity.
The reduction in downtime is achieved with fewer tool changes and adjustments after tool changes, prompting extended information for inserting tools.
\"The misconception about the insert tool Colangelo said that a common misconception about the insert tool is that it costs more than the brazing tool.
The purchase cost of inserts is high, but the cost may be higher
It works in the long run.
\"The initial cost of inserting is expensive,\" says saysColangelo, \"but when we show our customers that they don\'t have multiple tools, backups that don\'t have an insert, and they don\'t tear --
Tip, they understand, just replace the insert.
Colangelo said: \"with a knife, if the knife is broken, it can be replaced on the spot.
\"If it is reasonable --
The big cabinet shop is buying dozens or hundreds of knives and it makes sense to get into the insert tool, \"said sayscol.
\"The blade quality today is much better than yesterday, because the accuracy is better.
This is due to the existing machining, inspection systems, engineering and geometry of each system.
\"The quality of plug-in manufacturing is the biggest development we \'ve seen, which allows it to be a tool with better overall quality,\" Colangelo said . \".
\"If they invest in new technologies, the CNG milling of the body and the grinding of the cutter do improve.
It is also important to have digital and camera systems that ensure that we achieve our goals.
\"Tracking and comparing total manufacturing costs is the key to real cost justification,\" says Vetter . \".
\"One of the main areas of inserting tools is the cost of the company --
Effectiveness of manufacturing.
Let\'s stop looking at the price of the tool and look at the manufacturing cost.
With the plugin, yes, it\'s a more expensive investment.
But in the long run, this is the only way out if we can compete with overseas markets.
\"Of course, we all know that the cost of labor overseas is lower,\" Vettel said.
\"But the machines produced in the past few years have the most automated equipment.
Therefore, the downtime and cost per piece are greatly reduced.
You can spend $250,000 on a CNG router, and if you run out and install a hardware warehouse tool on it, you will change the tool frequently without adapting well.
Your quality will not be there.
You will have the tremendous power you can offer, but you will run a bunch of bad parts.
\"For those who only watch short films --
\"In the long run, it is a huge investment to replace all the existing heads,\" Veening said . \".
\"But the basic reason for inserting a tool is to put it in, run it, take it out and put it in a new tool.
This is a fast conversion with shorter downtime.
It could be a cost. saving venture.
Another misconception, Serwa says, is that all plug-ins are equal.
\"There are a lot of good sources for bothreinserts and insert body,\" Serwa said . \".
\"Customers are advised to evaluate suppliers based on quality and price.
Another point to consider is that some insert designs are generally available, while others may only be available from suppliers.
The investment in the latter will limit the customer\'s continuous supply of tools, and we all know the law of supply and demand.
Most cutting tool manufacturers have a variety of good designs that are safe, accurate and repeatable.
Anthony DeHart, president of DeHart tools, said that while costs are a major concern for customers, they get what they pay.
\"The insertion tool should be seen as an integral part of the machine and therefore a capital investment,\" said DeHart . \".
\"Quality is really cost-effective, but the cost is well worth it in the insert tool.
\"Survival in today\'s market depends entirely on the ability to continuously create new, more innovative ways of doing business.
The tool business is no exception, says DeHart.
\"Companies must innovate to survive,\" said DeHart . \"
\"In general, the wood products industry has been slow to respond to customer needs, in addition to price cuts.
The tools they choose are investments in the future.
Many people are turning to insert tools, a way to cut for a long time
Improve quality and cost.
\"Manufacturing precision insertion tools require strict control of raw material specifications, strict quality control procedures and expensive manufacturing equipment ---
All of this contributes to the cost structure.
\"This cost leads to a high quality cutting tool with consistent performance,\" said DeHart . \".
High returns on investment-
According to dehart, high-quality insertion tools include: longer tool life, ability to achieve consistent part tolerances at higher productivity, repetitive quality, reduced downtime, reduced programming costs, reduced secondary operations, and reduced scrap.
Related articles: Summary of insert tools the introduction of new insert tool dimensions for the insert router bit Safranek Enterprise
Saf insert gong zhuang xian.
Latest router bit measure 1 [7/16]-in. and 11/32-in.
, Fill in one already from m1/2-in. to 2[1/2]-in. in diameter.
There is no need to sharpen.
Replace the blade with a fraction of the cost of re-polishing. Thescrew-About her style
Sat router bits allow quick changes without losing the original settings-
Get up, said Safranek;
The tool can be replaced without removing the knife bar from collet. The tool works with automated or manual devices.
Gladu\'s Circle 287 Gladu tool clamping and positioning system ProcentriX is designed for knife heads and contour drill bits.
According to the company, the system is safer than the classic insert tool and provides a constant diameter after grinding the knife.
Thanks to the double rpms, the machine will now run at the best speed.
The Carbideand Diamond plug-in is available for the same tool.
Circle 288 insert tool system Unimerco UM-
Introduction is a high
The performance plug-in tool system provides flexibility and uses 2mm inserts that can be used without inserts.
Change the profile.
The system provides an adjustable angle to obtain the best results for the sheet and solid wood.
According to the company, the new clamping system ensures easy operation.
Circle 289 insert contour cutter North American products North American insert contour cutter is designed for specific requirements that require long production and operation of individual profiles.
It is reported that by copying the entire steel body, the special cutting terhead does not require the back plate (
Less parts than the universal cutter head)
And has the endurance to withstand the constant cutting pressure required by daily production.
The company also offers standard shaped carbide blades of a variety of hard alloy grades.
Circle 290 knife mill service/tool Bull knife mill service provides knife mill and knife back service and tool company represents a wide range of manufacturers, high speed, copper welding or insert into the car bide cutting tools and grinding pieces, belts and discs can be provided, it can copy the blade in the hard alloy ortan tang, or it can re-sharp the blade.
Charles G. Circle 291 insert open ten headG.
Schmidt is made of aircraft aluminum, and the sockets of these inserts come from CharlesG. G.
Schmidt can be for any one-or double-end tenoner.
The company says the staggered design is less noisy and has less horsepower. Four-
When the hard alloy blade becomes dim, the hard alloy blade and the Spurs on the side stand out.
The diameter always remains the same and requires minimal settingup time.
Inserts can be replaced on the machine or on the machine.
The feed speed can also be improved due to the reduced cutting pressure.
Vortex tools circular 292 insert tools
Vortex Tool Co manufactures a wide range of insert tools with Tool bodies, which are processed with quality aircraft grade steel and are heat treated to obtain strength and durability inserts, including precision grinding on new CNC profile grinding machines, producing sharp cutting edges and precise profile blades are available in any grade of carbide or star, and any configuration of the hole, Bevel, groove or groove can be provided.
Circle 293 FS tool insert Tool and Tool FS Tool Company
Complete series of production standards and customization
Built-in precision insert tools and tools.
These tools are high
Tensile strength steel and Micro
The company said the knives were ground to provide longer tool life and precise cutting.
Ciecle 294 insert wood technology enterprise for floor and paneled cutter set
Multi-function tongue-and-
Groove flooring and paneling sets produced by Wood Tech produce straight or micro-inclined floor and V-
Paneling, adjustable material thickness in a range of up to 1%.
According to the company, it works well in hard wood Cork, plywood and composite materials, and the hole size of the standard plug-in is l 1/4 in. , 1 1/2 in.
, 40mm and l 13/16.
Round 295mm insert tool RoRo/alres/Al claim its insert tool is the best choice for forconstant performance with the aim of making the door, window, flooring or any product that requires continuous and precise fit.
Long term supply of the company
From soft wood to MDE, long lasting grades for many different applications. Each tool is designed according to the specifications and shape.
The prefix of the circle 296 insert knife head system Leitz tool provides a tool body with various profiles insert knife to create an economical, multi
Can repeat \"with the high
According to the company, speed steel or carbide cutters can be used with the housing, and the machine requires additional reset after replacement.
The diameter and profile of the tool remain the same throughout the life of the tool.
Round 297 male and female insertion tools LRH Enterprise Company
New repeater carbide blades available in LRH
Tips for male and female tool systems.
The company provides a free catalog on the new insert tool, which illustrates five different profiles used in the generic designated head, each with three with-
Design of rebate body to produce smooth chipsfree cut. Circle 298 I-
Leuco Toot company system toolThe I-
The system is developed from a new dust removal principle.
According to the company, this new principle has increased the amount of mechanical edge-sealing exhaust by 95%.
The improved chip removal effect helps to save energy by reducing dust and traction.
In addition, the high removal of the chip reduces the maintenance workload and machine downtime.
Circle 299 custom insert tool DeHart tool component DeHart manufactures custom insert tools for the woodworking and solid surface industries. DeHarts state-of-the-
The art operation is designed to ensure both quality and quality.
Product Development.
Before entering the next manufacturing phase of the manufacturing operation, the wings of each cut body are individually measured and inspected. Circle 300 V-
Groove/fold plug-in from Guhdo USA
Except for a 90 [degrees]V-
GUHDO-groove/fold insert wiring bitUSA. Inc.
Provide the same tool for 60 [degrees]angles.
Both tools have single slots and 3/4-in. shanks.
Double C4
For MDI, the side insert is standard and a special grade insert?
900 tools are also available, the company said.
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