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injection molding machines

by:YESHINE     2020-06-09
The injection molding process was invented in 1872.
Since then, the injection molding industry and the plastics industry have grown rapidly into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.
In fact, 32% of the plastic is processed by injection molding.
Injection molding has played a huge role in driving America\'s economic prosperity, because through injection molding, cheap and durable consumer goods and industrial products can be obtained in almost all industries.
Components of the injection molding machine by using the melting, injection, packaging and cooling cycle of the thermoplastic plastic, the particle or pill-like original plastic is converted into the final molding part.
The basic injection molding machine is generally composed of the following parts: injection system, hydraulic system, mold system, clamping system and control system.
Both clamping tonnage and injection size are used to determine the size of the thermoplastic injection molding machine, which is the main factor in the whole process.
Other considerations include injection speed, pressure, screw design, mold thickness and distance between tie rods.
The functions of the injection molding machine can be divided into three categories, namely: General Machine, precision/tight-
High tolerance machinespeed thin-wall machines.
All three types require auxiliary equipment to function.
These support devices include dryers (resin)
Material handling equipment, granulator, Mold temperature controller and cooler, parts
Handling equipment and parts-removal robots.
There are many companies that specialize in quality injection molding, but they are not exactly the same.
The best fast, flexible and customer driven, whether in large or small batches.
These companies usually haveof-the-
Art facilities with full-size thermoplastic and thermosolid functions, computer-
Assist in manufacturing, skilled machine operators and quality assurance team.
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