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injection molding? how does it work?

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
In the plastic industry, injection molding is widely known for playing an important role in the plastic manufacturing process.
Place the plastic particles on the big bucket and send them to the heating room.
The plastic will melt in this Chamber.
The melted plastic is then injected into some different molds to cool down so that they harden and form the final product.
When the cooled plastic is removed from the mold, the excess plastic will be scraped off and then recycled for another product.
After polishing and cleaning the finished product.
What is the process of injection molding?
When the plastic particles are fed into the hopper, the injection molding begins.
The Hopper puts them in the heated bucket.
It has a punch syringe or a reciprocating screw.
This screw is usually present in machines that produce smaller parts.
This screw has the function of crushing the particles so that the particles can be heated and liquefied easily.
After the particles are liquefied, the screws will force them to leave the front of the barrel in order to inject them into the empty mold through the nozzle.
In the mold, the plastic stays cool so that it will harden and can be formed into some kind of product.
In addition, the plate of the mold is close to the movable or large plate connected to the hydraulic piston.
It creates pressure on the mold to prevent plastic leakage.
Leakage may cause deformity of the finished product.
When you do the injection mold, you have to follow the rules because the process can be very complicated because there may be some complications such as burn parts, fragile parts, surface defects and deformity.
You have to make sure that the mold stays cool at an even temperature because the high temperature mold causes the parts to burn.
You also have to make sure that the reciprocating screw is able to move quickly as the clogged screw leaves the liquide in the bucket and then becomes dry.
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