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injection molding explained

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
Injection molding is a very common way to produce products.
It is one of the preferred methods for manufacturing parts, as it has multiple advantages over other parts forming methods.
This manufacturing method is usually the first choice for casting a single thin casting
There are wall plastic pieces.
Almost any plastic part or part can be done efficiently and accurately by injection molding-
From the parts of kitchen utensils, electronics, cars, medical equipment and other items, there are too many.
Easy to make simple parts.
However, complex parts can also be quickly manufactured using this method, because the high pressure of injection molding forces the material into every corner of the tool (mold)
Other casting methods cannot do this effectively.
Because injection molding is actually high-pressure casting, it is to add casting materials under pressure, which can cast more extensive details in the design of parts compared with other casting methods. Another major advantage over other types of casting methods is its low
Operating costs in the production process.
Also, there is often little need for post-production work, as parts often have a very complete look when they pop up.
The manufacturing process of the injection molding itself is quite simple.
Small plastic particles are fed into the hopper.
The particles are then crushed and heated into thick plastic slag.
The hot melt slag is fed into the piston, which injects the liquid into the metal mold at very high pressure.
The mold is the negative shape of the finished part.
When this space is filled, the plastic is cooled, the finished product is popped up, and the process is repeated thousands of times a day.
Of course, there are limitations in injection molding despite all the manufacturing advantages.
The main drawback of injection molding is the cost of the machine, the cost may be between $7,500 and $75,000, and the size of the machine can be placed in a garage of 400 square feet.
The price of newer machines ranges from $75 to $400,000.
There are also restrictions on the size of the part.
For example, if the product is a complete part, the injection molding equipment can only undertake the work that meets the set parameters.
Similarly, different designs and materials may limit the thickness of the wall of the product.
Nor can this method be used to cast parts with large cuts.
Initial cost of creating a tool (molds)
Very expensive.
This is due to the fact that tools must be precision machined with aluminum or steel in order to withstand heat and long production.
Therefore, although the production cost is low, the part production must be high in order to amortize the mold cost.
As a result, the injection molding of small products is usually costly and the selection is canceled for more costs
Effective method.
However, for prototype work and short-term product operation, cost-
Effective injection molding process can be used, so that twopart or multi-
The part block mold is made of silicone rubber and then injected polyurethane casting resin into the mold under pressure with a large plastic subcutaneous injection needle.
The resulting casting can be very thin
This method can be used as proof of concept before ordering expensive tools.
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