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by:YESHINE     2020-06-09
At the three-year plastic exhibition in duseldorf, Germany, there are 2227 exhibitors from 40 countries, covering 33 football fields, requiring some selective attempts.
We focus on new developments in major machines that may be of interest to North American processors.
To get this all in, we won\'t repeat everything covered in last month\'s \"first highlight\" sampling (p. 15)
In the preview of our two showsSept. \'92, p. 51 and Oct. \'92, p. 35).
Some news about materials and additives appeared elsewhere in this issue;
Some appeared in the preview of last month and September, and more appeared in subsequent issues.
Next month, we will close the mechanical report with new developments in RIM and polyurethane equipment.
K\'92 is full of news for injection molding.
A particularly active area is small machines that introduce new models and focus on special molding applications such as multi-component molding and metal or ceramic powder injection. Gas-
At the booth of many machine suppliers, the auxiliary injection also plays the leading role, showing the application of thermoplastic and thermosolid.
Other highlights to note are
Fast press for cd and packaging and energyefficient all-
Electric machine.
Arburg has added many small machines, several small machines of new models. The All-
The Rounder M series has been extended to include a 14 machine. 5-in. -
Square mold area and clamping force up to 110 US. tons.
Two new machine models, 270 V and 370 V, launched the V series at 33 U speedS. tons.
Both are equipped with the new Sealogica control system.
The size of the C Series has also increased.
The new mold area of 470 C machine is 18. 5 in.
143 square feetton clamp. A new rotary-Vertical table
The clamp insert molder of Arburg is based on the full circle M design.
The injection device is mounted vertically on a removable pressure plate or can be mounted horizontally on the parting line.
The full circle rotary table is equipped with a fixture of 44 to 143 tons.
One area that is becoming more and more important for Arburg may be metal --or ceramic-
Powder Injection molding.
It is reported that all-around machines can use the center or level-
Replacement injection (
Principle of variables]
, Producing lens sizes up to 22 cu.
Arburg says it can provide expertise in raw materials
Material preparation, molding, degreasing and sintering of parts.
Several improvements to boy 50 (50-ton)
The machine is at hand.
The bar gap has increased from 12 to 13. 2 in.
, And expanded the fixture safety guard to increase the available space around the mold.
The injection unit has been redesigned to replace two horizontal pairs of hydraulic pistons with a rotating piston system, which the boy 80 has proven.
It is said that it can reduce the quality of movement during injection.
The injection force is not transferred to the screw drive bearing, and the injection profile control is said to have been significantly improved.
Boy 50 also includes an improved variable --
Displacement pump with hydraulic volume and pressure adjustment.
It is reported that in the new version, it is not necessary to adjust the pressure difference of the pump, thus improving the efficiency of the pump.
The pressure is monitored by the sensor in the pressure system, and the throughput is measured by the position sensor on the pump piston.
Among the other improvements, Boy 80 (80-ton)
The model increases the bar distance from 14. to 16 in.
In addition, the MIP ronic Plus controller includes a new interface for a product weighing scale with tolerance monitoring that can be integrated with a separate device for rejectionspec parts.
Pattinfield hopes to receive a good reception in the United StatesS.
Two new lows.
Cost \"mini\" machine for CD Plus 250 and 350 (27. 5 and 38.
5 tons respectively).
These modular hydraulic
There are only two iron bars in the clamp machine, so they are not suitable for height
Precision molding.
But it is said that they have generous specifications for this size machine: 10 bar spacing. 5 in. square, max. daylight of 17. 6 in.
, Clip travel 7. 8 in.
The shooting size is 0. 8-2. 3 oz (PS)
, Plasticization rate 0. 2-0.
5 ounces/second, injection speed 35-
97 ounces/second, 14,500 injection pressure-42,800 psi. Dry-
The cycle rate is said to be 1. 33 sec.
The machine is completely closed and comes with special seals suitable for cleaningRoom operation.
They are equipped with a new Unilog 1020 microprocessor control, which is said to be similar to Unilog 2040 in many hardware and software functions.
General\'s new line-
The purpose injection molding machine is planned to be launched by sandreessen in the second half of this year.
The small machine production line was developed by a separate group from sandreessen and its Metalmeccanica subsidiary.
As mentioned earlier, more electrical equipment (Sept. \'92, p. 51; Dec. \'92, p. 15)
The first European style launched by pattinfield and Klockner Ferromatik Desmaelectric servo-
Drive injection molding machine.
A spokesman for the two companies said they would like to see more
At the next \"K\" show, electric machines will open up a huge niche in the market based on energy efficiency, precision, cleanliness and quiet.
New pattinfield 55-ton CDK-SE all-
Five servo motors-
The control axis is a prototype. -
They will not be available until the middle of the year.
This machine has a spindle drive, thus eliminating the use of the tooth belt system, which is reported to discharge rubber particles into the air.
Also suitable for machine cleaning-
Room use, its \"maintenance-
The free \"clamping device does not require oil lubrication.
Battenfeld uses liquid cooling on the motor without cooling the fan.
Although the price has not yet been determined, according to Battenfeld, US marketing manager Rudi Loehl, the goal is that it will cost no more than 25%. Klockner (
Sales and Service representative by KFD)
New Elektra collection available-
66 tons, 110 tons and 193 tons of electricity.
Like Battenfeld machines, they do not use belt drives, which are said to be more suitable for clean room environments.
New version of mirakon/farnaco, Cincinnati-
The electric machine is called ACT-III series.
The controller now has 32-
Including a new standard-
Flat color-
Screen display and user
Friendly screen. Dry-
Cycle time is 50% shorter than before. The ACT-III 35 (38. 5 U. S. tons)
The clamping speed is increased by 52%, the shooting speed is increased by 67%, and the shooting speed is increased by 60%.
Bar spacing, fixture stroke and top Rod stroke are all increased compared to ACTD series.
Other improvements to the bill
III includes 360 | degrees ~ Barrel-shaped guard, increased visibility of injection devices and tools, and improved fixture design with a larger bearing area in the toggle mechanism. The ACT-
The clamping force of III is 38.
Five tons, 66 tons and 198 tons.
In the fast lane last month (p. 17)
We reported an unusual one.
Ton Machine from Claus
Maffei, specially designed for CD molding, reportedly forms a disc in 3 minutes. 8 sec (4.
47 seconds at the show)
It is said to be the fastest in the world.
Company guarantee 4. 9 sec.
Other interesting aspects of the system that were not reported last month include the use of two ventilation doors instead of the usual ventilation door, the uniform temperature on the surface of each mold (
Usually different)
, And special CD molding software including Die PressChange Order.
Two aspects of mold design are also important.
First of all, the gate has a cut so that it can be pulled away from the disk;
Then, the central piston inside the mapper pushes the gate from the bottom and blows it out through the jet from the channel at the back of the mold.
Unlike systems that usually flush the gate out of the plate, it is said that no dust will be produced, avoiding potential contamination. A second mold-
The design feature is the special profile edge of the disk, eliminating the possibility of projecting flash from rotationcoated lacquer.
The flash memory is easily disconnected, which can damage the data surface of the disk. Other high-
The speed molding demonstration includes the CD \"single line\" system of nisei, including injection-
Compression press with automatic die replacement device, working under more normal 5. 5-sec cycle.
Netduma has shown one or two publicly for the first time.
The chamber CD production line with netduma disc 60 press, the mould of Dutch GPT Axxicon, with a production cycle time of 6.
5 seconds, or 1100 cd/hour.
Netduma also showed a high
Forming speed Line 3. 5-in. floppy-
Disk enclosure on HP 1750-
870 machine for 4-4
Mold, and in 4-sec cycle. Parts-
Delivery and stacking equipment is provided by German company semuma.
This is not all from netduma.
It also shows high
Production system of thin-speed integrated packaging production linewalled dairy-
Bathtub container with downstream stacking and packing.
In the bathtub, a consultation on corruption at BASF Novolene PP\'s micro-funding agency formed one or two
Cavity with cycle time of 3. 1 sec.
MP 580/150 machine combined with super
Fast robots are said to be 10-
20% faster than free-
Provide cycle time for 2. 8 sec.
In addition, netduma is-
1-mold label
Food containers (L PPtwo cavities)on an HP 2400-
About 870 4. 5-sec cycle.
Plastic metal (NPM)of Italy (
Represented by R plastic services)demonstrated 3. 3-3.
Production of 4 PP pots in 5 seconds (
3 seconds is said to be very common in actual production)on a 220-ton press.
Extremely fast parts removal is completed by two suction heads on both sides of the mold, and the suction head swings in place through the rackand-
Small gear mechanism connected with clamping motion machinery. A similar cam-
Operation vacuum take
The Off system shows 4 PP yogurt cups formed in about 2 minutes. 7-sec cycles.
The machine is 154-
Fahr Bucher\'s high ton modelspeed SGA-
S series launched by Bucher Inc. in North America(
View industry news focus).
Engel showed the new fast-
Medical parts cycle ES 1300/200 SL machine.
The SL series is equipped with accumulator, reinforced frame and extended formwork support.
The hydraulic system allows for three actions at the same time.
Turn on, off, and pop-up action close-
A loop controlled by a proportional valve.
Hydraulic hoses and accumulators are covered by panels.
It is reported that when forming plastic with very different plastic properties on one machine, the \"power control\" program provides effective power consumption through screw drive.
ES 1300/200 SL machine running 160-cavity hot-
5-the runner mold of the syringe needle capsec cycle.
RMP 200/V Futura II machine for MIR with special high
Speed modification has an electric screw drive, especially high
The throughput is increased by the plastic unit, the accumulator and the Moog servo valve.
For faster cooling, the water manifold includes 12 lines and 12 lines.
Toshiba reportedly plans to launch a range of high-end productsHydraulic speed
Fixture machines from 390 tons to 610 tons to North America later this year.
It is said that the cycle of the machine is 20-
30% faster than standard hydraulic machines.
Stork plastic machinery has introduced a new SX series toggle Press (
Represented by Genesis Plastic Machinery).
There are three versions of the SX series, ranging from 110 tons to 880 tons: SX-N for general-Purpose molding; SX-T for high-
Precision molding; and SX-P for thin-Wall products.
This line includes five new designs.
Point toggle fixture with large opening stroke. GAS-
K\'92 seems to be showing auxiliary injection gas injection everywhere.
Battenfeld won the quantity Award: seven machines showed their air mold gas
Gas injection technology, all using central nitrogen pressure-
Although each printing machine has its own gas control unit, the power generation unit with nitrogen recovery (
Moving or still).
The Battenfeld exhibition also provides space for two computer stations, two of which mold
Supplier of analytical software, AC technology and plastics and computers
Showing off their new gas.
Injection simulation software.
Some firstPublic Gas-
The injection presentations at the show included Arburg\'s gas technology, the constant temperature gas of Battenfeld-
Auxiliary injection (
Polyester molding agent)
HELGA of Hettinga Technology Company (
Liquid gas assist)system.
The HELGA method was first announced at npe\'91 and has been on the market for about six months (PT, Aug. \'91, p. 36).
This process includes-
Time license fee and no on-
Pay royalties.
A new compact gas
The nozzle was developed by Cinpres Co. , Ltd.
The new nozzle has a lift design that is fully sealed during injection and does not require a heating coil. A new 55-
Two non-covered injection molding machines-
Engel machinery has color molding on hand.
The ES 200 H/80 v has a complementary vertical injection device.
It is said that the non-labeling design provides more accessibility for applications that require bulky molds or auxiliary equipment.
MIR demonstrated the thermoplastic/thermoforming of polycarbonate telephone parts with liquid silicone rubber seal in the same mold and machine on the HSLR 135/C Futura model.
A more unusual application three
Klockner shows the component molding in a single mold.
The vent inside the Volkswagen includes a shell with five mobile shutter blades and a rod connecting five blades that appear as a complete finished product from the mold.
Two incompatible materials are used in the process (
Pbx for blade and PP for Rod and housing)
, So that different materials will not stick together when curing, and will not prevent the free movement of the components.
The system adopts a horizontal injection unit that is vertical and two parallel, and one injection unit is moved for each mold.
The injection device injects three stations of the rotating mold at the same time, generating parts of three parts at a time.
At the first station, the switch blades were produced by molding process;
Then inject the moving rod of PP onto the blade;
Finally, the shell of the PP completes the part.
The whole cycle is about 30 seconds.
Demonstrated this process on FX 100
The clamping force is 110 tons of molding forming machine.
Clamping and QMC developed a prototype of \"self\"
The Hettinga device shows the clamping mold, \"It eliminates the traditional clamping system on the injection molding machine.
It is designed for low
Pressure forming of very large parts, it is reported that it can be done together with other large parts
Part processes such as SMC, RIM, vacuum molding or manual laying of FRPup.
The prototype mold is installed on one of the three stations on the Hettinga injection molding machine, which molded a 4. 41-lb, one-
A chair body with 140 tons of pressure.
The system is said to be capable of producing parts weighing 221.
Benefits of self-reporting
The clamping system makes it easier to change the mold, make it easier to contact the mold, and save floor space, energy consumption and tool costs. A space-
Hemscheidt GmbH shows the design of the economical Hydraulic Mechanical fixture from the former East Germany.
The clamping device can be used on machines of 550 to 3300 tons, with four short irons that retract in each cycle.
The end of each post bar is specially configured to engage the locking mechanism on a fixed template.
There are four separate clamping cylinders on the fixing table plate, and then pull the iron bars to generate clamping force.
This design is used on many larger Japanese and Italian machines, first appearing on smaller models of Klockner and Fahr Bucher as well as Hemscheidt.
Hemscheidt claims 40% less floor space than conventional clamping machines (
\"The smallest 500-
Tons | Gong ~ Machine \")
, Easier to get mold replacement and robot parts disassembly.
Although Hemscheidt has not yet been actively listed in the United StatesS.
According to a company spokesman, the company is considering setting up an office here.
Staubli introduces a manual bayonet system for quick clamping of injection molds (Duncan, S. C. ).
The system consists of two bayonet locking plates and a removable lever, each with a centering ring.
After quickly positioning the mold between the stick of the machine, the template is closed, and it is said that the locator and the centering environmental protection certificate have accurate positioning.
Fix the mold by simply manually locking the centering ring.
A new fast mold
Stork plastic machinery has introduced a clamping system.
The simple integrated system consists of a cam and a clamping cylinder, and the space required is small. A simple small-
The diameter hole is all you need to install it on the platform.
With the launch of MIR ica machines, energy saving and other machine development energy saving are the main themes of MIR.
It is said that it uses 50% less energy and 80% less water than standard hydraulic injection molding machines. Energy-
Save features include-
C variable frequency screw motor and.
The inverter on the C hydraulic motor, which produces only the flow required for each cycle.
Both of these functions result in a decrease in the volume of hydraulic oil and a decrease in the amount of water required for cooling.
Engel showed a new long.
Travel machine for deep forming
Drawing of furniture, garbage bins and other components.
ES 7000/500 LH has one with extra-
Long opening trip, double
The flighted screws have a good homogenization at a higher rate of plasticization, both of which are fixedand variable-
Volume Pump and energy-
The Energy Saving Program of the pump motor can be completely turned off during the long cooling period.
Engel also extended its concept of no post bar to mid-
Size Machine for ES 330/100 HL, a 110tonner.
The absence of the post bar made the whole 29. x 27. 5 in.
The template area to be covered by the mold.
The latest equipment includes a new power supply-
Control package, adjust the flow rate under constant system pressure.
A new large series injection molding machine with clamping force from $600 to $5500S.
Sandreessen introduced tons. The so-
The machine, known as the Mega T series, covers an area of about 1100 tons and has a toggle fixture.
The Mega H series, starting from about 1400 tons or more, offers Hydraulic Mechanical clamping through four gripper mechanical locking irons, four large gripper
Diameter hydraulic of the end of the stick.
Several improvements to series eight. T.
Elbow Rod clamping machine of line (66-485 tons)
Sandreessen also showed it.
These include injection devices that allow modular machine configurations.
Each injection device can accept a series of general-
Use and special screws.
The hydraulic system now includes fast-
Higher precision response proportional valves. The A. T.
The series is equipped with a new high
End the SEF 100 controller.
News from CONTROLS & CIM Engel first showed off its new CC 100 controller based on 32-
Provides better response time for quick operation.
It will be listed around the medium termyear.
Arburg\'s new Sealogica controller includes graphics and symbol functions, thus improving its adaptability to handling complex production processes.
The core of the control is Selog process management, where machine cycles are entered as flow charts using graphical symbols.
It is said that this \"boot programming\" simplifies the setup-up;
When a process symbol is selected, all corresponding parameters are automatically called. An IBM-
Fahr Bucher exhibited the MC3-based controller.
The MC3 offers for the first time in the United States. S.
It has been used beyond the Company\'s SGA-
TS Series injection molding machine for hot sleeve.
Newly designed SEF 100 controller
Sandreessen has launched a product called \"open architecture\" to facilitate communication with other smart devices.
Husky demonstrates the full integration of its latest generation of machine controllers with Syscon-\'s CIM softwarePlantStar (see PT, Apr. \'92, p. 13).
As an option of $10,000
20,000, the PlantStar process and production monitoring screen is embedded in the Husky control.
Users can easily switch between Husky\'s machine operation screen and the PlantStar monitoring screen.
The system eliminates the \"black box\" interface and automatically uploads the processing information from the molding machine to the PlantStar host.
Moog Inc. presents the \"black box\" interface for PPC 2000 and CPC 2000 process control systems
It is said to be to eliminate the wiring between the controller and the injection molding machine. Moog-
It is reported that Boolean is also developing a completely closed
Loop control system released in the near future.
The hot runner introduces a series of mechanical nozzles through the moldMasters Ltd.
Georgetown, Ontario.
200 for each interior-240-
The V element metallurgy is fused to the nozzle for maximum heater life.
New SM 20 sale-
Gate control system of mold
Masters provides extended operator interface RS-
232 communication, lowand high-
Voltage output, 15 am ps per region-
All in a compact package.
The optional communication terminal package provides a graphical user interface, remote and local settings, and menus-
Simple driver.
It also has a touch screen version that can be set up quickly on the press.
New Series 9000 line hot sale-
Husky\'s runner temperature controller has a digital display with diagnostic capabilities and is able to communicate with other devices.
Built in hoarse Gammaflux pounds, Virginia.
They are based on proportional voltage power output and PID2 control, ensuring that the constant power supply of the heater is not affected by the line voltage and limiting over-impulse.
There are two models to choose from: 9152 (two-zone, 15-amp), and 9034 (four-zone, 3-amp).
The optional minipanel allows global trimming of all areas with one command before switching to operating conditions, programmable startup conditions for timing loops, and the ability to store setup programs that automatically set all controllers of the mold.
Sealed side door heat-
Husky\'s runner nozzle is also new.
It allows edge gating of single or multiple parts with engineering resin by eliminating insulator bubbles found in most edges
Gate system, which may be the source of resin degradation.
In order to eliminate any dead angle between the nozzle and the cavity wall, when the heated internal material of the nozzle expands and forces the sealing ring to lean against the gate wall, a seal is created.
There is a small gap between the sealing ring and the gate-
Well walls that provide insulation. The seal-
The ring design also distributes the sealing load around the entire gate, overcoming the \"gate punch-out.
\"It is said that the sealed edge door is also to facilitate the change of color, because the door opened
The flow design quickly flushes the melting path.
The size of the nozzle is 0. 71 in. and 1. 26 in.
Husky\'s new super hot-
The runner system has a more powerful replaceable nozzle tip to achieve greater heat transfer to the gate area and addresses the possibility of mechanical damage caused by expansion in case of overheating or cold start
Patent disk-
The spring assembly provides pre-load, ensuring that a seal occurs between the nozzle housing and the manifold even before any heat is added.
When the system reaches the operating temperature and the manifold expands, the spring expands and ensures full sealing.
Another key feature of the super nozzles is their \"clampless\" slidingOn the warm wind
These eliminate bulky fixtures and catch the heater due to thermal expansion.
Instead of the usual two belts, this can produce two hot spots, one single slip
The nozzle length is covered with a special-shaped internal heater winding to provide temperature uniformity.
Several improvements to hot
At Enrietti S, the runner system is at hand. p. A. (
Enterprises represented by Alba).
The manifold now has an optional Calrod heater instead of a cartridge, which is reported to help focus the heat where it is most needed.
The flow path in the manifold is now more rounded to minimize the degradation of materials such as PVC and help with rapid color changes.
In addition, a new valve
The gate system allows fine-tuning of the length of the pin through the valve assembly. Heitec GmbH (
Represented by JPI technology)
Showing its new valve
Gate nozzle in which the stem is directed to the inside of the nozzle.
It is said that the advantage is that the stacking height is low and there is no wear on the bushing and gate.
The company claims that even when running 30% glass, this valve will not have a wear problem in the Rod partFilled Nylon 66.
Robots and auxiliary equipmentaxis servo-
Designated TCS (drive robot series)traverse)and TCS-E (longitudinal)
Designed for high
Battenfeld introduces rapid prototyping in a cycle time of less than 6 seconds.
A specially designed drive unit for the main discharge shaft installs the servo motor in a fixed position at the end of the shaft.
It is said that this is to reduce the weight of the car and optimize the stability.
Battenfeld also introduced a new Uniswift sprue picker for machines over 55 tons. A new parts-
Arburg has introduced handling and stacking systems, the latest version of its automation factory concept.
The robot handling system is electric servo.
The drive, handling and stacking systems are all controlled by the new Sealogica control system.
A fun demospeed camera-
CSD International conducted a mold-based inspection at Mannesmann Demag booth.
One of the new Demag Ergotech models (Dec. \'92, p. 15)
Running a 16-
Cavity on 3. 7-sec cycle.
Use two small cameras and fiber optic
CSDI\'s computer system is capable of checking all 16 suspended cavities
Up parts within 0. 125 sec--
Including 0.
07 seconds, waiting for the parts to fall off!
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