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cnc router v-carving with all open source software

by:YESHINE     2020-06-11
When you use V-
The shape router bit to be engraved, it is called \"v-carving”.
The drill bit can be cut horizontally to track the profile of the shape.
As the drill bit moves horizontally along the surface, you can also produce sharp points by drawing up and out.
This manual provides a set of v-for CNC programming, simulation, and control-carving.
I use Linux for all of this, but many of them also work for Windows.
Watch the video linked above for a quick overview and then check the steps-by-
Instructions for the steps below.
Please pay attention to the safety of carpentry and power tools before starting.
Tool CAD/cam cnc you can use the same computer for CNC control and programming but I have a separate old P4 32 bit computer that is collecting dust, it is now working on controlling the CNC router.
I run Ubuntu Linux on 64-
Renovate the PC using the bit of the CAELinux release, which is loaded with some great engineering tools.
It can be downloaded as a bootable DVD image.
The first thing that engraving needs to do is define the image you want to engrave.
In this example, we will use serif fonts in a great open source program called F-to carve a symbol with some wordsengrave.
Download the latest version of F-Engrave here. Author of F-
Engrave posted great installation instructions :(click here).
Windows users have executable files.
If you use Linux like I do, the instructions are easy to understand.
I downloaded version 1.
65, but if you download an updated version, enter your new version number wherever you see \"1.
65 \"in these notes.
I put my F-Engrave-1.
65 _ src file in the folder named \"/home/chip/F -\"Engrave-1. 65_src/\" (
Because my username is \"chip \"). To run F-
Engrave, you just enter \"python F-Engrave1. 65.
\"Py\" in the terminal window \".
I made a desktop shortcut to run the command \"python/home/chip/F-Engrave-1. 65_src/f-engrave-165. py\".
I suggest installing the \"ttf2cxf_stream\" and \"Potrace\" applications described on F-
Installation Instructions should also be engraved.
Tool paths can be created using a truetype font and bitmap image.
Google Fonts provides us with a good library of all kinds of Fonts.
I love the way this is called PlayFair so I downloaded it.
On my machine, the path to my truetype font is \"/usr/share/fonts type \".
This requires superuser privileges to add files, so go there and open a terminal window and type: $ sudo mkdir PlayfairDisplay [enter password]
$ Cd PlayfairDisplay $ sudo mv ~ /Download/PlayfairDisplay /*. * .
Replace the path with the location where the font file is saved. Run F-
From shortcut or type \"python F-Engrave1. 65.
\"Py\" in the terminal window \".
I go to the settings menu and select general \".
I switched to mm for my metric friend and chose my new PlayFair font family.
Now I can select a font from this series and see how it looks by typing the text.
I want my text to be centered, 25mm high.
I can also adjust things like horizontal and vertical spacing and set the origin to lower-
Or anywhere I like.
I want to use v-
Engraving to make a sharp point at the end of the letter or lining, so I switch \"engraving\" to \"v-carve”.
Next, I go to the settings menu and select v-carve”. My v-
Bit is 90 degrees.
There are many other settings here that are very good-
Record in F-
Engraving the site, but I am happy with the default value of this logo.
Now let me calculate v.
Sculpt the toolpath and click the check box to display the sculpt area when calculating the path.
Don\'t forget to set the feed rate, but you can edit the g-if the feed rate is set-code later. Save the g-
You like the code, you have finished F-engrave.
Now, like the last time I opened it
I use CAMotics to simulate the path and make sure it looks good to me. I open my g-
Code file and define the tool as v-bit.
I run the simulation and rotate the result to make sure it looks right.
Now I have my g-code file. I run my home-
Make CNC router with Linux CNC. I load my g-
Encode and check the minimum, maximum, and total range of x and y values on the display.
I suggest you apply a layer of polyurethane to your logo before engraving, it will seal the surface like a mask, so you can later dye or paint the letters with contrasting colors. I touch-
I want x and y in the lower left corner of my text. I touch-
Z of the surface.
When it grabs the Z axis back to zero, I feel it with a piece of paper.
Now I\'m off the router!
Since I started with a polyurethane coating, it\'s easy to add stains of contrasting colors.
After I put the color into the letter, I wipe the whole surface evenly and let it dry according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.
If you like the steps of this styleby-
Step instructions, please share and subscribe with others so that you will be notified when I post more.
If you have questions, please post them in the comments.
I will try to answer and may also update the instructions.
Read more about my woodworking projects and tools at ChipsWoodShop. com.
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