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cnc router or point-to-point boring machine? you make the call.

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
Over time, the latest developments in woodworking technology and computer control are blurring the boundaries between pointsto-
Point wave machine and CNC router.
The time is the router, the boring machine is the machine. Period.
Things are not so simple today.
The emergence of computers has spawned high
Electric and multiComputer-
Control routers and boring machines.
The ability of each computer has developed to varying degrees of CNC router can now do boring thingsto-
A boring machine that can perform routing.
Rusty Denson, product manager at SCMI
Put it on a straight line between pointsto-
Point and CNC router (has and)
We will continue.
\"Although this is true, this ambiguity has continued ---
Routers can drill holes, boring machines can collapse-
Each machine has its own strengths and weaknesses.
In a perfect world, with the introduction of more machinery manufacturers, woodworking companies will be able to produce machines at the same time
This could be done by pricing the machine.
But most of us know that the world is not perfect.
The trick for most carpentry is to find the right machine to achieve the right functionality.
To help determine which machine is suitable for a particular factory, this article will discuss the CNC router and point-to-
A boring machine.
Obviously, the main purpose of the controlled router is to crash.
However, the machine can also perform a variety of other functions, including shaping, trimming and boring.
Some machines can move multiple heads at a time and perform multiple operations on the same workpiece.
Because this is more
Function, the term CNC router gives way to the machining center.
The CNC router is designed to work with solid wood and can use thicker, larger panels, whether solid or composite.
They also provide an effective means of handling panels that require various operations.
In general, according to Dennis Stephen, vice president/technical sales of Stiles machinery, they are designed for processing operations using various material thicknesses and densities and more complex shapes.
The router is usually larger, and for quality reasons, it is slower than the length and width of the typical point moving workpieceto-
A boring machine.
However, according to Todd Herzog, president of Accu-, the increased quality is usually converted to a higher degree of stability, which helps to produce a better finish and requires less sandingRouter Inc.
This is important, according to Herzog, because when deciding which machine to buy, the speed of one machine is not the only determinant.
The bigger problem mentioned in the title is through-put --
How fast does a part complete the whole operation.
The router usually uses an automatic replacement tool (common topoint-to-
Also point machine)
Designed for radial side loads.
The router motor usually has more power than the boring machine motor.
According to John Park, general manager of Stefani Group America, a router motor is at one pointto-
Up to 9 points.
The 5hp whilerouter motor on the CNC router can reach 16 hp to 20 hp.
Walter Favrusso, vice president of technology development at BiesseAmerica, said that each machine has its own advantages. \"Point-to-
Point machines can only operate one router at the time, but out-
\"When moving from one drilling position to another, perform external operations,\" said Favrusso . \".
\"On the other hand, a high
The Volumerouting operation can run a pair more effectivelytablemulti-
Spindle router, no need or very limited drilling. \"Point-to-
Point drilling machineto-
Point drilling machine is very fast when drilling-
It\'s about twice the speed of the router.
They can go from one part to another (hence the name)
At a speed of 1,000 inch to 000 inch per minute.
Jim Eckberg, advertising manager, Komo machinery
He said, \"their design greatly reduces the time required for topographic measurements for a range of drilling operations.
\"As a pure boring machine, point-to-
According to Stephen, point machines are \"absolutely invincible,\" adding that it\'s not just point-to-
This makes it more superior, but it is able to drill holes in one stroke-
Ideal for 32mm operation. The point-to-
The point drill can easily drill holes on small, light and thin panels and can handle multiple plates.
Most can drill and rotate in both vertical and vertical directions. A point-to-
A little boring machine is a great option when dealing with a tablet, especially if the tablet is 1-
Not so thick.
He said use a point. to-
The thickness or less of the money counter on the panel is a general rule, but other operations that may need to be done on the workpiece may make the router the right choice.
Also, for quick settings-
On a vacuum workbench or multiple tools that work on the same panel, then a pointto-
According to Park, points should be used.
This is because of a point, Park said. to-
The boring machine has a removable support and vacuum pad for me. e. It\'s modular.
In addition to the fast speed, they can also be purchased through a variety of options, including automatic replacement tools, multiple spindles and multiple station tool turrets, slot saws and routers.
However, they usually have only one moving head, so the operation can only be completed at one time.
In general, point-to-
According to John Mauro, vice president of mechanical sales at Tekna, point works only on X, Y and Zaxes, but in some cases a fourth 360 degree axis can be included.
When routing is involved, point-to-
If the panel is not thick, the point drill can do enough work.
They did a particularly \"beautiful\" job on panel 1\"inch to 1 1/4-
Mauro and Stephen both spoke a few inches thick. Point-to-
Mauro said that the point drill machine has the function of automatically replacing tools and can use \"simple knives all the way to special cutter heads, which can be automatically replaced in one cycle \".
\"The operator does not have to have a change tool for each setting.
Setupis is done through a computer, so there is no set time and no operator intervention.
In the past, you have to rely on the operator\'s expertise, his ability to set it up correctly, and the speed at which he sets it.
All of this is done when you go to cnc control.
\"Other considerations when talking to the manufacturer of the CNC router and point --to-
The Pointboring machine is the flexibility to promote slogans that are often heard.
These two machines are flexible in the sense that they can perform multiple operations.
CNCrouters can route, drill holes, shapes, etc. ; point-to-
Point drilling rigs can be drilled, closed, slotted, etc.
Another factor that goes into the procurement equation involves the degree of flexibility that the end user needs.
\"Flexibility depends on what kind of production you are doing,\" Stephen said . \".
\"The router is more flexible in terms of the range of materials that can be processed.
For example, I will not place chair parts at one pointto-point machine.
On the other hand, if I put a cabinet part in front of the router, I will have to do something annoying (setup)
Than the changes I made with apoint-to-point.
\"Determining the range of materials and processes to be used is only two factors that the woodworking workshop must debate before making a decision.
At the end of the day, carpenters must carefully check their store needs and workload.
\"Customers should define exactly how many routes and drilling they need for their work,\" said Mauro . \".
\"If the customer determines with the help of the application engineer that the drilling time of the machine will exceed the wiring time, then the choice is point-to-point or vice-versa.
\"Defining operations may require an external organization to enter the store and determine exactly which machine should be purchased.
David Steranko, president of digital tools, said: \"Do product line cost rationality analysis . \"
\"Let independent accounting institutions conduct computer analysis of the return on capital employed.
In their view of the return on capital, they will be very honest.
\"Dealing with parts faster and more efficiently while maintaining quality is the goal of every woodworking, and the right machine can help him achieve that.
However, finding a machine suitable for the store can only be achieved by objectively observing the company and accurately determining the most commonly used materials and the most frequently performed operations.
\"For customers, choose whether to buy routervs point-to-
\"The key remains the fundamental issue of speed and power,\" Eckberg said . \".
\"Internal machines are inherently better than other machines.
Select the machine that best suits the production environment of supplementary processing materials and individual customers.
Here is a review of some key points --to-
Point rigs, CNC routers and machining centers are available.
These products are divided into three different titles, and while many of the machines listed here have the ability to perform various functions, they have been classified according to the machine manufacturer.
In order to expand the CNC machining market, circle the corresponding number on the reader service card.
For more information on specifications and capabilities, please refer to the 193red Book buyer\'s specification guide.
The machining center provided by Stiles Machinery is the Heian NCB542MC CNC router, which is characterized by the automatic replacement tool of the router, 22-
Spindle flexible vertical drilling unit and two horizontal four-
The way the front is deeply Adjusted is boring.
The saw is automatically indexed by 90 degrees and runs in the NC program. Holz-Her U. S. Inc.
Control CNC machining center.
There are two series versions of the machining center, type 7335 and Type 74 35.
Noise and dust emissions have been reduced, the company said.
The range of these two models has a maximum of three tool spindles, as well as the asa slotting unit, plus 25 vertical spindles and 6 horizontal drilling spindles. Servatek Inc.
Brema vertical pass
Can process the feed machining center on both sides of the panel at the same time. Theeight-
Station turret boring, tortured, saw and high
Fast housing with 15 hp motors.
All processing functions are controlled using an IBM 486 computer.
Tekna machinery offers a wide range of boring machines and machining centers, including-504 and U-
550 CNC machining centers. The A-
The 504 is a machining center that allows for both complex wiring and drilling.
Its process system enables the machine to be integrated into the product line of JIT manufacturing.
It can be custom configured to automatically replace tool routers, disk saws, horizontal drilling and a variety of other accessories. The U-
The 550 is a CNC machining center that allows you to soften the panels.
It is characterized by 29 independence
Controlled rotation and a full complement of optional equipment, including routers with automatic tool replacement, disc saw accessories, and horizontal drilling.
Stefani Group America offers a Busellato SuperMaster mechanical center that combines fast, flexible drilling with heavy drilling
Router capacity.
Three different head configurations are available, including 19 to 50 independent vertical spindles, horizontal spindles, and up to 4 9 spindles. 5-hprouters.
The machining center is characterized by the use of the star brand Heavy rail
Inverter routing, inverters, and ibm ms-
PC programming.
Computer router services
A Shoda CNC router is provided, which will run in tray replacement mode, or a very large working face is implemented by combining tables.
The Shoda offers a wide range of dedicated heads including: automatic replacement tools, shaper, router, steel drill, saw, horizontal drilling, carrying router and drill bit, planing bed and 4-andfive-axis heads. The NC-
2513TX composite desktop CNC router from Anderson USA
With a workbench of 2,500mm by 1,300mm, the feed speed is 24 m/min (X and Yaxis)and 6 m/min (Z axis)
Controlled by Andy-FANUCcontroller.
Wadkin USA offers Olympus 504 CNC machining center, gantry-
Senior typo
Quantity, JIT production.
It is characterized by double 5ft-by-5-
Fttables and up to six high
High speed router head.
The Workbench can be operated independently or synchronously, and can hold up to 5ft of the workpiece 10 ft.
For applications such as point-optional headers are availableto-
Drill and Polish horizontally.
Other table sizes available, four-Location and 10-
A location tool changer is also provided.
GPM Technology Co. , Ltd. offers the V.
Alberti line of CNC machining center and point-to-
A boring machine.
A variety of customized and standard machine designs are available.
Options include: up to 27 independent vertical drilling spindles, 4 routers, horizontal wiring and drilling, slotting and automatic replacement tools.
Each machine can use the barcode reader and the automatic loading and unloading function.
Rover America offers Rover 321 processing center.
Star linear guide rails, double helix gear rack and precision ground ball screw ensure rigidity and accuracy, the company said. A high-speed,9-
Hp Router with automatic replacement tool and software directly connected to CAD station.
Como machines
Now launched is a dual-table CNC machining center VR 804TT.
Two tables allow two 48-in. by 48-in.
When the other is positioned forward, the table used during the machining cycle, thus shortening the machine downtime.
Parallel processing of two separate parts can also be done with double tables, or tables can be joined together to create a larger single workspace for up to 48 parts. by 96 in.
The PF series machining center in CMS North America features a fixed bridge structure.
The bridge offers Xlongitudinal and Z vertical axis motion.
Y horizontal movement of the workbench.
All building parts of the machining center are designed into modular groups.
The PF series is divided into three series: the PFI and the PFII machines are equipped with a workbench;
Both PF2 and PF3 machines are equipped with double work tables that can work independently;
The PF31 also features a larger double bed.
Provide digital tools for CNC machining centers.
There\'s a 5 in the center-ft by10-Cut Area in feet.
The company says it has the ability to easily program and quickly change the \"Z\" header.
The IMA QuadroCenter CNC cell is available through Roger Stiles & Assoc.
Is designed for buildto-
Order production.
The panels are taken to the cells for rough cuts and oversized sizes.
The machining center can perform the dimension, square, drilling, path, groove of horizontal and vertical drilling.
TBC type trim, drill or Chuck machine from J. S.
Richardson in Avalon
Shaft CNC machine with single saw and drilling or Chuck, mounted on precision ball guide rail, driven by precision ball screws.
24 in ability. of the X-axis and 6 in. on the Z-axis. TheZ-
Whether it\'s Chuck or gear head boringwork, the capacity of the shaft is enough.
Danckaert Woodworking Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Offers the Maka HBA series horizontal routing, boring and worse machines.
Some of its features include computer-based
Axis programming, automatic tool change, singleand double-
Side configuration and replenishment of work units.
DNC, CAD/CAM, and CIM functions are available.
Koch machinery systems is a CNC-
Controlled machines designed for stiles and rails production in the door and window industry.
The machine is capable of trimming, coping, boring, torture, gluing and positioning each part, the company said.
MSI/Marunaka Inc. offers the NC-
2010 ATC/4 CNC machine for wiring and drilling.
It has the x-axis and y-axis fast moving speed of 36 m mm per minute, 4-
Automatic change tool for position, 10hp motor, programmable spindle speed from 1,000 rpm to 18,000 rpm, FANUC controller, 1,000mm by 2,000mm bench size and BT-30 took shank.
Kitako processing center of Tekmatex
The automatic tool changer is built into the router head;
No external agency and pick-up is required.
The machine also has a point. to-
Point drilling with floating mechanism and horizontal drilling head.
Riechenbacher RANC 210 AM from Duespohl USA Inc.
Up to three milling, sawing, drilling or sanding aggregates can be provided, and ranc asw-Sprint, a 5-
The company said the shaft control machinery center used for stair production.
2500 J/U machining center a5-at Jenkins/Unique-
Hp motors with spindle speed cutting control and 1 1/4-in. -
Diameter spindle of 6-in.
Tool space available. CNC ROUTERSC. R. Onsrud Inc.
Provides a robotic routing system, a fully automatic router that does not require a full time attendant to load, turn off
Load, remove scrap, blow crumbs, or buttons.
The replacement operator is aYamaha YK-
The 1200 robot, specially modified for the woodworking industry, can pick out a blank from the stack, in one, two-or three-
The standard inverted router stacks up the processed part, then picks up another blank and starts the loop again.
It can also run manually on the company\'s inverted router. Macoser Inc.
Now provide the Esseteam model speed 5-axis CNCrouter.
The speed model is designed to trim, shape and drill laminated or curved plywood parts or furniture parts.
The router is programmed via the aRenashaw probe.
Feed speeds up to 1,700 ipm and 3.
2 KW routermotor can achieve zero speed to 25,000 rpm.
Automatic tool changer for up to 12 tools.
Rebel CNC router featuring automatic control technology company is now available
Computer numerical control of 10 m or 20 m. The 48-in by 60-in.
The Table is a machined aluminum plate and comesstandard with a vacuum area.
Multiple areas can be provided.
The workpiece can withstand up to 50-in. (X axis), 62-in. (Y axis)and 7-in. (Z axis)with a 9-in. Z-axis clearance.
It offers 800 ipm (X axis),800 ipm (Y axis)and 400 ipm (Z axis)
Fast traversal and features of one or two spindle mounted on the same tool board. ANAgraph Inc. offers the S-148 CNC router. The S-148 abridge-
4 feet by 8 feet mobile desk type design.
It is equipped with one or two cutting heads with a routing spindle and a drilling drill. Its computer-controlled Z-
The shaft has a complete 5 1/2 in. travel.
Hendrick RWH offers a hendrickshock CNC router that offers a wide range of table sizes, including dual tables.
Function status of CNC router-of-the-art PC-
Controllers that can be upgraded in the future.
It also features a modular tool rack and a CAD/CAM system.
The series III tech wood router provided by Techno marking technology. The PC-
The CNC wood router can be purchased with one of the six table sizes.
Its travel rate is 200 ipm, Z-
The axis cutting force is 200 lbs, and the resolution and repeatability are 0. 0005 in.
Said the company. Accu router
New model Series III-C CNCrouter. The Series III-
A heavy steel fixed bridge.
There is a Meehanite cast iron mounting plate on this bridge, which supports the sliding of the cast iron spindle on the turntable. The Series III-
C. also equipped with CNC control for installation of General Electric/finaco pendant, whole extended THK linear channel system, digital AC servo drive, digital frequency converter and fit on rack meet the following
12 \"dust-proof\" electrical housing.
The company also offers Setco high speed spindle for the model.
CNC router type 300-
Max from Carlson\'s Ekstrom
Used for cutting wood, composite, plastic and aluminum. Theheavy-duty 5-
HP says the 1,800 to 18,000 rpm programmable router provides speed and accuracy.
There is an optional auxiliary drill/router mounted on the head of the router.
CNC router available in Northwood Industrial machinery with pneumatic unit, Baldor servo motor, Allen Bradley control system
Qualified cabinets
The router head is 15-
Hpcontinuum made in U. S.
With air.
Oil Mist lubrication bearing with long service life.
Onsrud machines
Multiple routers are available, including theNC2436-
10 CNC routers with a standard table size of 24in. by36-in.
Optional 36-in. by 48-in. table.
It is characterized by 10
The Hpdrive motor can be powered from 0 to 400 ipm. Point-to-
Emco dc 70 of Emco Maier is a PC-
Controlled woodworking center for drilling and milling small series and individual parts.
It has asix-
The station tool turret, which can continuously process a long work piece or four short work pieces in one clamping.
The maximum workpiece size is 2,500mm long, 700mm wide and 50mm thick.
The programming of the machine is assisted by an integrated software with interactive guidance, input suggestions, graphical illustrations, and user assistance systems.
In addition, there is a database of accessories that store common accessories. SCMI Corp.
Tech 90 super points-to-
A little boring machine designed for custom cabinet shops.
It is equipped with a Tria 4000 controller and takes advantage of the user-
Friendly menu-driven software, the company said.
The drill head consists of nine vertical spindles, two pairs of spindles for horizontal drilling, a slot saw, and four pairs of spindles. 5 hp CNCrouter.
The machine is equipped with a vacuum hole and is able to open the mirror
Imaging parts on the left and right sides of the workbench. Thermwood Corp.
Point now-to-
Point CNC machining center Model 715, with AC brushless motor, Universal Press and hold on a30-in. by 96-in.
Six tables with precision are configured-
Aligned pop-up part positioning pin.
All shafts are on track and are driven by circulating ball screws.
According to the company, parts programs can be changed quickly and are not usually set up.
Panels are also standard.
CADCAD/CAM system capable of storing more than 5,000 full part programs.
Jonsdorf JBU 20/06 GM drillingmachine at odando offers.
Features include: tool rack with 1. 5-
KW drive motor and radial bit for six tools, homatic cnc control system, variable bit, two single drill, nine
The rotary drill head of a row of holes, one or two-
Spindle angle head for horizontal drill, optional Four
Spindle hardware bits, etc.
Ayen Roland M2 CNC milling machine from Force Machinery Co. uses a3. 5-in.
Floppy disk, with vertical and horizontal drilling function, drilling, wiring and slotting operations can be carried out.
Masterwood Model 313 CNC point-to-
Point machine from EricssonInc.
Automatic CNC drilling can be carried out with heavy-duty function
Steel structure, 2-
Hp motor and dust removal system.
Wisconsin Automation Machinery offers a wide range of boring machines including CNC 405
Feed vertical boring machine.
It has four drill bits and four main axes and can handle up to 48 in workpieces.
Now is the future? Robotics.
Further computerized integration.
Increased productivity.
These are just a few things that CNCrouters and experts in the field of CNC boring machines predict. Tom Onsrud of C. R.
Onsrud simply says that the robot loading/unloading system is the future.
So did Dennis Stephen of Stiles machinery.
\"These machines will be packed with robotic auxiliary equipment to automatically load and unload parts,\" Stephen said . \".
Computerized computing often leads to predictions for the future.
Skip MacFarlane from GPM Technology Co. , Ltd.
He said he \"strongly believes that\" computer integrated woodworking manufacturing will become a \"new driving force \".
\"Future software will be able to program all the machines of the company while providing them with very accurate time research and cost information.
Bob Meadows of Tekmatex said, \"the future development is carried out in the test, but there is no market yet . \"
Production speed controlled by a new generation of computers.
These speeds will double the current production.
\"As software becomes more powerful and integrated, these advanced software will become more and more important
Technology \"gadgets\" are compatible with each other.
John Park of Stefani Group America says software and machines must be \"seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure of the customer \".
\"Customers today have typically developed product databases, CADdrawing profiles, and other complex product databases. C. /MS-
Application based on DOS.
Machine suppliers should link seamlessly behind the scenes-
\"This requires custom software,\" Park said . \".
The new machine will not only be able to integrate a variety of machines and databases, but will also do more to keep itself running properly.
This means further research and development of automatic replacement tools, more durable spindles, cutting tools and machines that can be self-executed
Todd helzog of Accu said the diagnosis included continuous monitoring of tool sharpness and balanceRouter Inc.
Walter Favrusso of Biesse America said that CNC routers and point-to-
The point drill machine tool will focus on further computerized and seeking higher processing speed by using more powerful software and more emphasis on tool changers and tool magazines.
The workflow will be improved by using more friendly users and PCs
Linda Wiggin of Hendrick RWHIndustries said, based on the controller, and more widely using barcodes as part of the programming process.
Angelo Gangone of SCMI says CNC router and point-to-
Machines with entry points will be sold in standard configuration, which will make these machines more affordable.
Affordability is particularly important for small businessesand medium-sizeshops.
Raymond Ward of Anderson America said, \"there are many first-time buyers in small and medium-sized stores.
These companies need the versatility and flexibility of the CNC router to meet the needs of their customers.
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