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【 CNC planer machine 】 Affect the vital elements of CNC cutting machine motor selection

by:YESHINE     2020-06-28
【 CNC planer machine 】 Affect vital elements of CNC cutting machine motor selection either flame or plasma cutting machine, are necessary to ensure that the nozzle from the thick steel plate aspect ratio is a better model, and then get better laser cutting could effect and longer cutting nozzle. Large form has the following categories: 1. Put the big hand to the big, is to use the handwheel on the basis of the gear drives the rack on the cutting torch to adjust the aspect ratio. CNC cutting machine is a key factors to motor selection & ndash; — Large form 2. The electric button up the electric button up, it is according to the actual operation buttons, the large motor drives the cutting torch moving up and down. About two kinds of forms, fully operational staff immediately cutting torch lifting. 3. Capacitance automatic tuning big capacitor automatic tuning for flame cutting. Adds capacitance automatic flame cutting is big, not only, also can change based on the discretion of the thick steel plate, automatic adjustment of cutting torch, ensure the nozzle height to width ratio of plate steel to maintain a constant; On the other hand, can be very good to reduce the produce of nozzle clogging. A key factors to affect gantry CNC cutting machine motor selection 4. Arc pressure type automatic tuning arc pressure type automatic tuning big for plasma cutting machine. Plasma cutting machine and arc pressure type automatic tuning device, laser cutting speed, not only on the other hand arc very dazzling, can effectively guarantee the operator glasses damaged. CNC cutting machine laser cutting samples in general, nc cutter selection is not the racquet head can immediately book out, just this need according to analyze the characteristics of enterprise products and parts processing technology, production management, the structure of the cutting machine properties, function of software system and after-sales service and so on various aspects and come to the conclusion of the elements of a complex thing, because only in this way can make a scientific and reasonable purchase decision, to buy really suits your enterprise need, and cost-effective CNC cutting machine.
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