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【 CNC planer machine 】 Affect the milling flat machinery manufacture which the elements of prices

by:YESHINE     2020-06-28
【 CNC planer machine 】 Effect of milling flat machinery manufacture price elements which milling flat base, selects the high quality casting high frequency machine spindle bearing rail conditioning treatment after high precision grinding, wear resistant property and stability of precision. After appropriate production and processing system of automatic lathe car model, the special model of cutting flat. Parts processing can be round, suitable to various axial parts milling flat on both sides, milling flat production and processing, such as type D plane, vertical plane, flat, parallel surface flat, in a word, cross hair flat flat and so on. Using common milling flat machine, in order to demand the necessity to purchase it, and thus the level of attention problem is coming, what are the factors affect the price? First is to make milling flat machine components for various raw materials influence the price: the electronic control system components, motor, rolling bearing and air intake system and steam pressure system software components application Japanese or American imports, to ensure the whole equipment control operation stability, thinking of the need to work a long time the high frequency. Followed by the manufacturer and brand, the brand of high-profile is always higher than some no awareness, but people in choosing milling flat machine doesn't have to choose the big brand! Is service, a good pre-market after-sales service, the price will be relatively higher than the average, but the factory is worth people trust. Before driving, first check whether ordinary machine tools on the workpiece clamping. Will the change gear handle position in low gear, in case of damage due to sudden impact lathe while driving. Should make the main shaft bearing idling l is 2 mm, make lubricating oil evenly spread to everywhere, More important in winter) , after waiting for lathe operating normally, to work. Work spindle bearings need with speed. You must first stop. Transform the feed box handle position needs to be done at low speeds.
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