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art to part in plastics: molding dreams into reality

by:YESHINE     2020-06-09
Introduction to injection molding.
Every plastic product you see needs to be molded, and the most common method is injection molding.
Most people who use computers to read this article don\'t think about how these plastic parts are formed.
Or how complex and expensive it is to produce ballpoint pens.
Nowadays, almost all the parts made of plastic are formed using some kind of injection mold, from tiny precision parts that are almost invisible to large automotive exterior parts.
Almost every industry depends on some kind of injection mold.
Injection molding is to push the molten plastic into the cavity.
There are three basic components for injection molding machine: 1)Injection.
The plastic particles are fed into the hopper and heated.
Once melted, they are injected into the mold at extremely high pressure. 2)Mold.
This is a custom designed tool for shaping and cooling the melted plastic.
Two and a half sections accurately designed the cavity for forming the part, the channel for cooling the molten plastic, and the injection system. 3)Clamping.
This is part of the machine, it holds the removable mold in the appropriate position, keeps two and a half together during the molding process, and opens the mold to carry out the part to top out.
The mold is complex and must be heavy
Because they are under considerable pressure, construction on duty must be carried out.
They are usually carved/ground from aluminum or steel blocks and contain many different parts such as mold base, fixture board, support board, top bar Board and pin, guide pin, gate pull pins pin, of course, there are also two cavities that have channels for shaping the flow, cooling and/or secondary heating units.
Molds are the most expensive part of injection molds, ranging from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Think about this next time you use that cheap plastic pen.
Injection molding became popular in the 1920s s for simple products such as combs, toothbrushes and simple industrial parts.
With the development of plastic science and machining technology, molding has become a more and more popular manufacturing method.
Today\'s computer
Almost any idea or design can be shaped into plastic.
Have you ever thought about how they made hollow plastic balls?
Rotary molding is a mold that, after injection of plastic, rotates at high speed and then cools quickly.
Scissors and screwdrivers are manufactured by insertion molding.
When the plastic flows around the mold, the metal part is suspended in the mold.
How about plastic bottles and food containers?
Those are made of blow molding machines.
There are other processes such as hot forming and extrusion.
Turn dreams into reality.
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