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an overview of plastic injection molding

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
Did you know that a wide variety of plastic products are manufactured through a process called injection molding?
These items include washers, valves, knobs, pulleys, power tools, caps, gears, toys, keyboards, computer monitors, car boards, furniture, and more.
Injection molding is an economical and efficient way to manufacture plastic products on a large scale.
The size and specifications of each machine vary depending on the product to be manufactured.
The invention of the process was attributed to John Wesley Hyatt.
In 1868, he only made billiards by injecting celluloid into the mold.
He then made the piston into an injection molding machine.
In 1946, another inventor named James Hendry revised the design of Hyatt House to design an injection molding machine with screws.
At present, the industry that produces plastic products uses piston-type and spiral-type machines.
The main difference between the two is the way plastic is transferred to a given mold.
Screw injection molding machine is more popular because of its convenience.
The molding process is made of plastic resin in the form of particles or pallets.
The choice of plastic to be used varies depending on the type of product to be produced, the end use, and the overall budget.
There are many kinds of plastic, but not all of them are safe.
The plastics commonly used for injection molding are polystyrene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyamide, polyethylene, PVC, acrylic, teflon®And delrina. ®. Being non-
Biodegradable, plastic can not be treated as an environmentfriendly.
The injection molding process, however, helps reduce waste as it allows us to reuse the same plastic.
Plastic particles or trays are fed into the hopper of the machine.
The Hopper is a large container with an opening through which the plastic moves into the heating cylinder and the tray is heated to the temperature of the melted plastic.
The piston or screw then forces the melted plastic into the mold through the nozzle, which is the opposite of the part to be produced.
In order to produce many parts at the same time, the mold can have one or more cavities. Long-
Long lasting expensive steel can be used to make molds.
Mold made of be
Alloy and aluminum are fairly economical but will not last for a long time.
The right choice of plastic and metal for the mold depends on the product to be produced, the desired durability and overall cost.
The usual practice for manufacturers is to make mold prototypes using less expensive metals, but for a long time
Long-lasting, accurate processing molds for mass production items.
The molten plastic cools in the mold and forms the mold shape when hardened.
The mold was later opened to drive the part.
It can then be packaged for transportation or for additional operations.
The whole molding process is completed in a few minutes and automatically.
The injection molding process enables manufacturers to produce thousands of products in a short period of time.
And the labor cost is also relatively low, this process can also produce precision parts.
The only limitation of using machine injection molding is its initial cost and maintenance, which is quite high.
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