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3 types of sheet metal laser cutting you need to know ...

by:YESHINE     2020-06-13

Today, the business of laser cutting machine is booming.The trend of sheet metal laser cutting is sweeping the market with its working methods.You can get the choice of several new types of machinery in the market to improve the final result of cutting.Let\'s have oneGet an in-depth look at all of these methods and find out what is appropriate for your criteria and requirements.This method is called the traditional method.Many manufacturers prefer to use this method, especially in the sheet metal market of 4mm.This method uses CO2 laser gas and electricity to generate a laser beam.The manufacturer then applies it to sheet metal.This method includes highTemperature operation is one of the reasons why large capacity chillers are needed.However, due to the introduction of new technologies in sheet metal laser cutting, people are moving towards these technologies.This reminds me of the second kind of laser cutting, the fiber laser cutting machine.Co2 sheet metal laser cutting machines are widely used all over the world and are used skillfully by most manufacturers.In addition, Co2 laser cutting machines are reliable and safe because they do not come in direct contact with materials that have little mechanical compression or stress.The fiber laser cutting machine uses a diode-pumped fiber to make a solid-National laser cutting machine without gas consumables.If you work in this industry, then this type of tool can produce accurate results for you.When any manufacturer is looking for a laser cutting machine, the main problem he cares about is efficiency.Fiber Precitec laser consumables provide speed, accuracy and cost-saving results.The most important thing is that they have a better ability to focus.Because of this, they can accurately evaporate the material compared to co2, making the spots smaller in diameter.In this way, you can ensure that the cutting you produce is accurate and stable.This also works well when you use thin materials.For example, some Precitec laser consumables users use this technology to introduce increased beam density and laser energy into the cutting.With a shorter beam wavelength, you can produce a cut that is 90% shorter than the CO2 laser beam.This leads to faster penetration of materials and an increase in operating capacity of more than 30%.They can also cut high reflective machinery such as brass, aluminum and copper.With the CO2 machine, it may be damaged.In addition, the fiber laser is also very suitable for other materials such as Harbin alloy, titanium and Inconel.Offers multiple benefits.In terms of expenditure costs, fiber users can benefit from a 80% reduction in oscillator power consumption.With a wall plug efficiency of 30 to 100%, the laser gas consumption is reduced by 40%.They also reduce the power consumption of chillers to 80%.In fiber laser cutting, due to the small movement of its components, low heat consumption and long diode life, your maintenance costs will gradually decrease.It also reduces the maintenance of sheet metal cutting machines as they do not contain bellows.Also, there is no requirement for mirror alignment or replacement.The last method that can be used to cut sheet metal is a dll technology.Its initials, acronym, are also well known.In this method, diodes are the key to their use.Therefore, they eliminate the pump fire system used in fiber laser technology.Because the intermediate process is eliminated, it makes it more efficient.This method is a reliable source method to improve the beam quality.Machines such as Precitec laser consumables provide excellent cutting performance and are ideal for users who need ultra-cuttingFast cutting and high cuttingQuality cutting results.It improves productivity by cutting thin materials at a speed of 20%.It is faster than fiber and works on thick materials with unparalleled surface quality.DDLs has a level of wall plug efficiency.This is a 40 CO2 oscillator with a ratio of 50% to 10%.15 to 20% for disc cavity and 30-also40% with fiber optic cavity.What is your choice?The correct selection of metal laser cutting is very important for production cuttingEdge results that meet the requirements.Therefore, research, summarize your requirements, and finalize the materials and other aspects to select LVD Strippit laser consumables that can produce fruitful results for your industry.
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